Monday, December 17, 2012

ultimate; the Dear

                               ultimate; the Dear 
I appreciate your anxiety and relevant concern. Prima facie your observations of "corporate' culture of the oriental or west, is not a grave reason at all. (It is the view of the Vijay TV gopinath also) Artha sastra speak only about the corporate administration only; most of the ideas of the today world had been plagirised from our concept only. Based on this TIRUVALLUAR wrote admn machinery. In Rig Vedam in the ancient period, there were only four groups of professions called, VARNASRAMAM, STATUS OF CATEGORIES, (not color as today meant) and there were no castes nor religion, but a way of life. Even then there were segments of countries, mentioned as 56 countries etc, and there were languages different apart from sanskrit.
However,intermingling of languages existed as and when land area was extended and shrunk, accordint to the rulings of the kings, and because of the mixture there were no groups of unique nature; there was no casteism aspect projected till britishers were ushered in; even when the muslim rulers were there , there were respects for individual characters, other than war destructions; It was BRITISH (pl read MECAULAY ON EDUCATION) WHO WANTED TO RULE ON THE WEAKNESS OF THE COMMUNITY. So "DIVIDE AND RULE "POLICY WERE INCORPORATED. A population which were united by faith whatsoever the rulers, got scattered like amlas. PROFESSIONS WERE TWISTED AS CASTES; POVERTY WAS ATTRIBUTED TO CASTES; COMPARISON OF GOVT WORKS WITH OTHER STYLES WERE CAUSE OF INSTIGATED SUPPRESSIONS, FOR WHICH, SO MANY WEALTHY LAND LORDS FELL A PREY.
Then the religion s were to be brought in for the same purpose as well as it was the thinking that if all became christians, country will be England. Britishers started the word, "HINDU" so thet "muslims " can be targeted against; ferocity was fanned regularly and Mutiny of the soldiers were bon-fire; in the mean time, so many britishers feigned to take interest in our scrriptures; they brougt in people who will work for money; so many Kasi pundits were hired to twist and turn; made real attemt to learn sanskrit but wrote as if authoritatively, with the little knowledge; they interpreted the history; tried as neat as possible to say that the vedic period is ionly from 1200 BC; hindu religion coined was made inferior to christianity; so on so forth. And now the degradation was set in by ourselves, falling a prey to clerical posts and Rao Bhahadurs etc; Britishers could safely rule for 200 years, which impact is this Casteism and the Religious dividers. Nearly 300 years onslaught had kept the track totally different.
Britishers were invaders but our own rulers are also became the selfish invaders into the life of our own people. They the rulers after the British, followed THE DIVEDE AND RULE, which is ultimate blow to this karma boomi; adding fuel to the fire theories of quota was introduced by the great lawman and committee; sardar patel divided the nation according to languages; regional politics followed the survival thro languages and the quota; quota created the caste divisions; in order to make people forget the source, sanskrit and the followeres were brnded as outcast; vote banks and poweer were built up; all these moves were corporate moves only, which is the british legacy; OLD GAVE WAY TO NEW AND THAT IS THAT.
Wr have come a long way. We cant blame the politics. We have to blame the the vested interests and the greediness as the culprits and fingers will point out only one PUBLIC. When the dropping honey is so sweet and the entire fingers are inside the mouth, how can they be expected to come out of this ring and look back. Descriptions of the Kaliyuga in scriptures cannot be alrered. Its not corporate but it is desire, greed, and the pleasure of walking over others heads--NEVER CAN THERE BE RETURN AT ALL!!!

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