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How to create and support more Veda Scholars? PART 2

How to create and support more Veda Scholars? II

Sri Rama Jayam
S.C IYER  Dt/-21 12 2012
Dear Sir,
Re: Your letter appearing in Iyer 123 Group
Dt/- 20 12 2012 on How to create&
Support Vedas-study& Teaching.
I happened to read your letter that appears in Iyer 123 Group Mail above, frankly giving your opinion there in.
At the outset, I wish to make it plain that money collection through donations is NOT the object of the appeal made. We, born as Iyers, have a duty to perform- that is the study of the Veda and to teach it to others who are similarly born as Iyers. This is the advice given by ADI SANKARA himself. (since you are a well learned person, occupying a high position in society, you can access His works and satisfy yourself on it.). To day, most of us are not doing it , for various reasons. I am not elaborating them here. A very small number among us, however, are found to day, learning Vedas. They are not equipped otherwise, like us all to choose professions, that give them a lot of money and comforts, we all enjoy, and so, they have been compelled to follow this calling to make an honourable living, by the prevailing economic conditions. You find them as Vadyars/Purohits etc.
There are others, much less in number, who study the Veda fully, and a fewer still, with meanings. These few do not accept professional occupations, like the category described above, but do accept for teaching to willing boys in their homes, in the traditional way. You will not find in their homes, cars or other comforts, generally found elsewhere. At best, there will be a cow, for feeding them with milk and ghee required for their anushtanas. This group, once patronized by kings, then by Zamindars, and later by a few Chettiar families, is gradually vanishing for lack of patronage. (There is a young (33yrs old) Dikshita living in Sri Rangam and this young man has been performing yagnyas for the welfare of humanity, these the last 9 years, with meager help rendered by locals. He and his wife live there, bereft of comforts enjoyed by all of us, in towns and cities.)
The Kanchi Mutt is helping a few of them, within its available means. With the advent of the HR&CE Board, the daily Veda Parayana in temples, which form part of the daily rituals, for which the kings of yore had allotted villages ( as found in stone edicts even to day), has been completely stopped in the last few decades. These Veda Pandits were working in the temples as Adhyayana Bhattars, and being paid by them. They are no more to be found these days in any of our temples. And there is no sign of the HR&CE Board having any plans to revive this Veda Parayana practice in the temples.
{In the North, in States like, Odisha, NE, Bengal, Bihar, U.P. and in Rajasthan, you can find Ved Pandits going from door to door, offering their domestic Pooja Prasad daily and taking some money in return, given by the house holder (of course, this is something short of begging). This is the reality to day of the so-called forward community of Brahmins in those regions. They have forgotten Vedas long ago, thanks to Muslim rule for 190 years followed by about 180 years’ rule by the British and then by our ‘secular’ government. The ‘social oppression’ by the Brahmins is still being talked about, with wide publicity, by our political class and the‘objective’ media. They have a cast iron constitutional frame work to assist them.}
Such of those as have been blessed by the Almighty, and our forefathers, for a well-equipped, comfortable living in these modern times, have to think for a moment about our roots and our heritage, dating back to the Rishis of yore, try to live in a manner as they would expect of us and accept. But to deny totally, our own roots and identity and still claiming to be Brahmins doesn’t appear appropriate, either to themselves or to their fore fathers.
It is true, it is not possible to day to live the life of Agraharam. But one should honestly followthe elementary precepts at least as described in our scriptures. There are many books like Ramayanam, Mahabharatam, Thevaram, Divya Prabandham etc., that give us the do’s and don’ts. They are all easily accessible.
One child in each family can be given the facility of. Veda adhyayanam. To day, there are Vidya sthanams that cater to basic vedic study coupled with formal secular education to CBSE standard up to XII std level. If a boy wishes to study further in colleges, he can opt for it. Or, if he wants to study Vedas and Vedangas (Siksha, Vyakaranam, Chchandas, Jyotisham, Niruktam or Kalpam- these are different branches of Veda-based study) further, he can do so. There are many more branches like Nyaya, Tarka Vedanta etc. The Vedic sea is vast and wide.
As Addison wrote, there is a lot for us “ to Strive, to Seek, to find and not to yield.”
Mr. Rajaram writes about kali yuga traits, particularly, avarice. Yes, sir, it is present every where, in every calling & profession, among the rich and among the poor, and in every society, in East and in West. These will be here and will not vanish, in my humble view, by any amount of reforms.
Fortunately, there are Acharyas still among us to day, but no sishyas. Thanks to the timely effort initiated by the Kanchi Mahasvami Pujya Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati in 1960, and subsequently by His sishyas who adorn that Peetham to day, there are a handful of Yagnya Dikshitas, a few Agnihotris, quite a few Ghanapatis& Sa-Lakshana Vidwans ( those who have learnt the meaning of the Veda phrases) and many Veda pandits. But, as things stand to day, whether there will be similar strength in Veda adhyayees, in a generation from now, is a big question. That depends on all of us Iyers (and other Brahmins), in this generation
My appeal to Mr. Rajaram (and I am not saying this to convince him or any other) “let try our wee-bit to preserve our own identity, by protecting the tender sprout of the Vedas, which in the verge of extinction, in this generation of ours.
And I pray to God that He give us all the good sense and strength for it.
With kind regards,
S.C Iyer
21 Dec 2012


              Namaskaram sir. I have no two opinions about your view. Anything done in genuine has to be encouraged and as for the genuinity pl let me know in broad details and let us see how can we render our help.

              I have been discussing only about the VYSYAS IN BRAHMIN COMMUNITY (traders) AND I am fed up. One of the sishya of the great sastrigal was answering me wrt this type of decay, “Mama, nangalum manusha thane; engalukkum kudumbam irukko illiyo; enga kuzhandaigalum mele padikka vendama. ungalai madiri aga vendama; karthavum appadithane irukka; enga pozhaippukku nanga seyyarom; sila samayam partha odungidalama enru thonradu'----MY REPLY WAS SIMPLE. IF YOU CANNOT TAKE THE RULES OF THE SRUTHIS AND SMRITHIS, PL QUIT AND BECOME AN OFFICE CLERK OR HOLS A BUSINESS. I am talking about them only.

             I can understand your anxiety. These were spoken by MAHA PERIAVA in 1957 itself. To be frank with you, by the grace of HIM, I have remained on this side of DHARMA to some extent and right from my school days Learnt few things; did a study of grazing of all sruthi and smrithis and puranas and had under stood the significance of our sanathana dharma; I am a dharmist; Brahmin smartha by caste, branded by the British and our Govt(not according to sruthi);I am not ashamed to admit that I am not a Brahmin as advocated by our Acharyas and Vedas, strict to the yard stick; I learn the concept of samskaars and do it with the sincerely of purpose; I am asanskrit student who can decipher the scriptures; i do expect my vadyars to be perfect because THEY ARE BRAHMINS AS WELL AS BRAHMANS; I do find lot of sanyasis preaching outwardly and making money and exploiting the gullibles, which is not the intentions of our sanathana dharma; many bore the title of our guru also; we have no religion like others and what we have is a way of life ; so many are exploiting without grace; and I want people to stay away from such; this is my indignity and no harmful intentions.

                    In India Vedas shall be taught right from standard 3 till +2 to strengthen the minds but unfortunately Sanskrit which is going to be used in software shortly as world codes is being despised; the caste system was created by the British and being followed by the politics where the excuse was 2% of the community ruled and suppressed over them which is next to impossibility. HOW 2% CAN RULE AND SUPRESS 98% IF IT IS NOT A SOCIETY CULTURE WITH SELF -BEHAVIOUR? VARNASRAMA WAS / IS BEING INTERPRETED FOR THE VESTED INTEREST. HERE MY QUOTE OF KALIYUGA FITS IN. ALL BRAHMINS WILL BE SERVING THE THE OTHER VARNAS AND THE VEDIC STUDY WILL FAIL.

                I have no bickering. I am interested to do whatever is feasible on genuine grounds. I am sure that RELIGION SHALL BE A TOOL FOR ERNING AND LIVING OTHER THAN THE NEEDS MINIMUM,RIGHT FROM SANYASI DOWN TEACHER. Bless me sir and Thank you with utmost respects
K Rajaram IRS


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