Saturday, March 2, 2019

My view to  my friend note below, later:

Total Accounting—Holistic Accounting

When religion ruled all thought, when nature was God, God actually was one’s physical brain, part of one’s anatomy. God was nature. The Sun, the Moon, Rains, winds, Clouds, Floods, Cyclones..., every phenomenon of nature was God’s communication. God was part of the internal hormonal communication. Faith was the totally internalized physiology. Belief was part of one’s body. In fact, belief was the acknowledgement that one’s body was not limited to the visible 3D shape, but actually extends to one’s macro body as the extension to God. Theism was part of nature, not one’s belief. Like the Sun, the Moon, the Earth under one’s feet..., God too was felt as nature. Mother Earth, Bhoodevi, or the Goddess Gaia could not be wounded. Even today where nature is systematically not poisoned and destroyed in the name of economic development, one feels knowledge as continuous enlightenment and flow of understanding unhindered by the various meaningless formulae of mathematical reductionism and mathematical deductionism. Nature gave health, and every plant was a wonderful instant curing medicine, and those plants do not destroy the entire underwater table, soil and air which one sees in the big pharma cities.

 In those days, even when one wanted to be an atheist, it simply was impossible as God was there clearly as so many God’s phenomena continuously impacted one’s life. Faith was not cultivated; it was part of life, part of every micro second of the thought flow, part of the brain.

       As one living under the ever-watchful eyes of God, everyone obeyed the rules of the barter, contributed to the society as one’s duty to God, and the society in return gave one’s needs as God’s bounty. The Temple priest, or the church and the king or lord of the manor or the village elder, administered the faith-based barter economy. Customs, traditions, the sense of belonging due to the total acceptance by the society of the individual, made the barter economy sacred. Ecology and Psychology were part of the neurons in action.

The temple priests looked at the heavens to feel and not to analyze or bring some mathematical calculation. He had to keep his mind free from all negative drives, to feel nature in the right way.

Today we are all atheists, even those that assert that they believe in God because they have logiced. Theism and science can never go together. We are continuously creating new and new gadgets, to eliminate God from our daily lives. For every organ, there is a machine substitute that performs the work of the organ, including one’s brain which today is actually discarded by the employment of computers. As we do not need nature, including our own organs, we do not need God. But we are killing the biosphere, making nonsense of the ecosphere and killing ourselves, the entire thing euphemized as economics.

In the place of the automatic tradition-based barter, we have the sciences of marketing, selling, advertising, publicizing, opinion moulding, dazzling, bluffing, cheating by emphasizing only on the so-called positive points and making the people ignore the negatives...all customized frauds.

In the gigantic flood of atheism, where many self-fool themselves that they believe in God, God is trying to survive in Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras...

    The atheist’s accounting system, the double entry book keeping has to be detoxified from its trader-centralism. The books of original entry or the subsidiary books must be increased in number. There need to be subsidiary books, to cover ecology, the biosphere, the atmosphere, the individual Morales, the society and the trader-centric usual books. From all these subsidiary books, postings of course are made into the ledgers, and the list of ledger balances at the end of the year—the trial balance, must give the debit and credit balances of ecology, biosphere, atmosphere, morale, society and of course the trader interests.

The very word profit has to be abandoned; it must be substituted by the word service.



A nice argument for the preservation of nature.  Nature is matter part of Purusha, termed as Prakrithi. Its like canvass or precondition for the action or karma or work.  Matter is extended and rescued and sucked back by the purusha, hence there is no creation at all; all were in existence where the existence of purusha along with the matter or Prakriti, existed, therefore ADVAITHAM. If matter is different from Purusha then there are more than one, hence dwaitham. In dwaitham its creation and therefore west believed its 1st time and Madwa thought its 28th time; so God was thought to be inaccessible. Then human is distanced from God and dvaithis hurt the nature which is also distanced from human.  Dvaitham taught selfishness as existence of more than one, which is MANY, and preservation of body and nature were neglected. The Rishi Kapilar in order to ease the negativity of the reach of GOD, devised Purusha as Brahmam which split into Purusha and Prakrithi with the 25 elements as nature. This was termed in B G as SANKYA YOGA. This was derailed by Buddha and Ramanujar as NIRVANA AND VISISHTADVAITHAM.   West British termed the origin of Sanskrit or SAMSKRITHAM emanated from PRAKRITHAM.  Kritha is doing or done; pra is pre; sams is well; something pre-existing turned as samskritham was the baseless find of the west. Virtually, Sanskrit said it as, spoken language and written language -terming in Sanskrit -as Prakritham and samskritham.  All languages have that distinction. English spoken is not that will be written unless its dialogue contemplated in a story or novel.  West always thought that all languages should have been spoken first and then made civilized for the writing. That will help postponing the the gap between the civilization of India from Greek in which ultimately succeeded, with the help of the Indians themselves, who were ruled and given for such Rao Bagadur etc.  It will also help to term the Vedas as Myths by many authors, including the WENDY DONIGER LIKE.  The ancient verse of Brahmam gave the Vedas to Brahma and so on in Sanskrit were belied. But Moses gave the 10 commandments, was accepted by all including Indians.  ONE WHO BELIEVES IN ONENESS WILL RESPECT THE NATURE AS PER SANATHANA DHARMA, THE PATH WAY AND NOT THE RELIGION, AS TERMED BY THE England . Since atheism was brought in by the science of the west, Hiroshima was destroyed and nature was grounded and so GOD; the outbreak is agnosticism, [ Thomas Henry Huxley coined the word agnostic in 1869,], "Spiritual but not religious" (SBNR), also known as "Spiritual but not affiliated" (SBNA), and many more. Nature worship is often considered the primitive source of modern religious beliefs and can be found in theism, pan-entheism, pantheism, deism, polytheism, animism, totemism, shamanism, paganism.  VEDA RESPECTED EVERY NATURE AND SPECIE AS VAYU, INDRA, VARUNA, AGNI, ADITI, DITI, SO ON SO FORTH, whereas, science simply misused the science to destroy as if it can create. Net result is today's perplexity. Mind and heart is  pragmatic know-how and emotion or husband and wife. Mind tending to heart is seeking the Jeevatma as realization. Science pulled them both off and tending to lot of diverse and misbehaviour due to mis-conceptions. IN SHORT, NATURE CANNOT BE PROTECTED WITHOUT WORSHIP OF ALL -A MYTH FRAMED BY THE WEST, MUST BE BROKEN. K R   dated the 2nd March 2019