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Neeya-Naana, Vijay TV Channel dated 29th Jan 2012

Yesterday there was a peculiar topic in Neeya-Naana, Vijay TV Channel as usual making India for another downfall. As Gopi said that even change will undergo change, yet changes are positive progress and not negation inducing down fall of civilizations.
This was regarding the food taste and healthy preparation at the kitchen by women and complaint of men. Basically, cooking is the wealth of women as no one need to teach swimming for fish. Cooking is an involvement, a concentration, rather a yoga. Women are stronger than men ,not by body weight ,as strength is wrongly misunderstood. Its mind game. Generally women were good at it once totally. The downfall started from 1960. Greed is another asset of women which they term as "possessive". The "good possessive" changed to "worse greed" as time passed. That is why now a days you see women of body strength rather than the mental one. The mistake ,rather the error ,started then from the mothers of the current women. There was another greed from men side which also started in the current generation. Money ,quick money by whatever means. There shall always be a justification for such statements. That is price index!.
Can anyone induce the reason for the increasing price structure? Unnecessary money flow in the market. Only when the money is unaccountable (mean both ways) wasteful expenditure occur. Pleasure has been misinterpreted. That’s why one sees the swapping and living together levels in India!. Erroneous food habit including quality, quantity, space, time induce the Rajo and Tamas Guna. It changes the mind from forbearance to steadfast ego. Its told in Bhagavat Gita. Men have lost their manliness and change has to be there for women. Hence the lethargy and least interest to learn, made the women folks to retard. Corporate culture and attractive advertisements hit the nail strong on the real life box.
There is no use raising arguments or claiming or wrongly understanding the equality. Nature is such that process of like and the culmination towards betterments were created in such a manner that brain of women is different from that of men. Mind creates the ego to fall apart, disfiguring the nature. Its as bad as losing the forests and cursing the rain for water. Have you noticed from time immemorial, (leave aside Sanskrit literatures, Natrinai , Kurunthogai etc teach these) agriculturists women folks forming the majority of the populations , were the real working women. The nature and cult of work may be different compared to today, yet the potentials are the same. They did all odd jobs, carried children, cooked and lead a rhythmic life as demanded then. Even five senses do it. But from sixties the education and job-culture gave the wrong directions.
Easy way of life cropped up. However there were at least the majority brought up children so well the current women folks do not have the difficulty. The mod culture t throw away money, for which the culprit is men changed the life style towards western moods. Those who were going thru the turn , never understood either of the Indian or western life. When the quantum of the gullible increase , the low percentage but well exposed western culture came to exist without the the mind to question, for which act the men are reason. Majority of the western house hold even today cook, bring up children with the pattern of love and affection. In the western cult the mod women whose "q" our people take are addressed as "B--------(5 letter word). I heard in a mall i the walkie talkie calling an employee by that word and the lady cursing the manager moving towards his cabin. Thro out the world the respect for ladies are high standard and the women are women whatever country they belong to. Indian women may not be rich once but were rich in respect they received. But today, it could be the western mod women.
Hence women today are only feigning to be weak in mind because men encourage them to do so. Y bringing in the original strength women have the capacity to go back to reduce the diverse rates and if it’s not done cooking may become the cause of losing the territory and the fall could be stronger than imagined, since no woman would take it easy if discarded by her own children, which pride make her a woman. It shall happen sooner than conceived. It should be remembered that all pep up book writers earn thro that book and by the advices they contain. So too women liberators may talk tall for their development yet behaving like women, but the damages created shall be as that of advertisements of corporate today.
It’s a great idea to have a common kitchen .So too will it not be great to have a common women folks for their freedom and for that act alone for both women and men? Who knows Reliance may bring in and we shall accept them. History repeats itself. (30th Jan 2012).

Thursday, January 19, 2012


This openning material I liked from the blog and on that basis I express my views on general and special paths of Neey Naana of Mr Gopinath:
I’m neither spiritual nor religious: Gobinath

Understanding of god in the words of Mr C G as seen in the blog Understand yourself well and then you will understand the rest. Certainly, god never helps those who are lazy and do not believe in the maxim, ‘work is worship’. One cannot rule out the role of destiny in his life. Some call it as ‘luck’ and the others name it as ‘god’s grace’. One should sincerely work towards one’s goal without any expectation. If one makes the sincere effort, then that itself would pay the result to him. It has been reiterated as, Deivatthaal aagathenum muyarchi mei varuttha kuli tharum by Tiruvalluvar.
Spiritual beliefs
I’m neither spiritual nor religious. One is not happy with what he has and always feels that others are lucky and better off. And that’s because of his mind which shows he hasn’t understood life in a proper way. Spiritual beliefs are to be integrated with emotional relationships.
This has helped me to experience life as a journey of growth and let go off fear. When someone says, ‘You are doing a good job’, I feel happy and great. The set of Neeya Naana, my training academy, Taalkshop, and my home are close to my heart.
Meditation and awakening
Meditation is an exercise which you give to your conscience to make it active. Awakening makes you to know if you’re a good person or not. It’s a bliss to realise awakening.
(C Gobinath hosts a popular show, Neeya Naana, on Vijay TV)
Neeya Naana,
vijay TV

My observations dated 16th Jan 2012.
Gopinath is striving to rise up with varied strategies and good luck. However what’s being done by him is a JERRY FINGER SHOW AS in USA TELEVISION. Of course he has a director and producer and TV who shall earn by hook or crook and CG is helpless. The show shall have the fine thinkers with knowledge and presentation; it happened with me is not welcome.; Judges should analyze thread bear which require higher caliber than the participants..
Bookish burping and credibility lacking talkers without basis mislead the mass; after all the judges like Dr.S if I were there would show her base; she is pedagogue but not an analyzer; she has bias and cannot be a fine psycho analyst; people who always talk Tamil, Tamil culture, tamizhinam etc are absolute hypocrites as well as plotters against the nation; if you say Tamil, what kind of Tamil?' hut language?; Coimbatore?; kamba Ramayana?; karunanidhi?; ministers of TamilNadu?; if Tamil differs so much where the Tamil culture and Inam? IS Gurubak Singh different from venkataraman from perachi from bala nair?
Hence there shall be a base structure, analysis, data management, limitations, and freedom of speech, unedited versions and center point, relevant to the nature of the country, while choosing a topic. It requires lot of research and balanced mind. We don’t have it hence Jerry finger show. It kindles the relationships without apathy. When “why men don’t want to marry the city girl “is a topic, there is no other way than to listen, to conduct question of women. One cannot shout out by asking “do you have mother sister” etc. Even CG has all of them. Will someone look at askance when his woman has kooda -natpu? Will CG declare that “what right man has, women also have”-on this friendship?
Periyar talked tall but Lady Nagammai was wearing only saree and that man should have insisted on liberty to wear something else---any society is based on Man only-that’s nature. In nature woman has the choice of sex is only wrt lions and animals----not human.
The westerners has no unruly elements as described in shows as if westerners are always endowed only with the MOD culture, where men and women, flout modesty . NO. You can see the majority living honorably like Indians. Their value of life is different including sex, and they focus with the progress. They have a separate word called FAMILY because they love it and work towards it. . As a matter of fact the highest HIV is in Africa and India (Asia).
That kind of life value is in Kerala. So never expose ignorance with the authority so called of certain panelists.Mr. C n writes for money or else will he get deployed in ones service and write and earn against him also?Do you mean to say he does not know to distinguish. Let him do his job and never make that kind as panelists. When a mother wanted to stop the sugar eating of her son and came to Ramakrishna Paramahamsar, he took time before advising or preaching to that son, in order to qualify by himself. So “whichever way you wish I can talk” cannot be panelists but patti mantra pechaalar.
His observation is absurd. Village women frowns against disrespect but she will never allow anyone to disrespect her husband even if he is weak in character; Why there are so many diverse cases in the city to day? Does abortion denote only immoral character? The percentage of 21 districts will only be higher than the city-naturally.
Somerset Maugham said that author shall not speak as characters but the best writers think the perfect character speaking as they are. Let there be better style of CG; I am sorry I said “mere CG” and not Mr CG because 20 or 25 year girl called him so and it was accepted by him. In India when the 1-800 call is answered (especially cards)- just born kid calls by singular name in India (even women are addressed only like that) but western culture uses the Mr. or Ms whenever addressed; whose culture is good? We take the waste and purchase wastes while forsaking the goodness of the apple.
Thank you .

Men in majority are incapable doing anything smart till 40 and later when they get the spark can’t do anything without women. I said Majority. Present youth prefer to be a appearance of velour outside and the glowing fear of failures. INSTEAD OF SEEING WRING TAMIL FILMS WHERE HEROES TREAT THESE KIDS AS CRAP OF WHICH THEY HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE, READ POSITIVE THINGING AND PROVE TO THE OTHER SEX THAT YOU ARE A NATURE'S CREATION AND NOT A STRAW. One who respects his mother shall respect the womanhood of nature's creation absolute; again here I am not talking about the women world crossing the limitations under the illusions.

A comment by some lady:

A commentator Reply in face book:
why xxxxxxx all u r quotes r for men. then listen to my quote"cook tasty food the same way for ur husband the same way u expect u r daughter in law shud cook for u r son". Howzatt
My comments:
I read the comments of xxxxxxx and what he meant as “men suffering under women” is subject to one preview & right track. Where the malaise lie(the problem of current day men suffocating against women especially as wife) .
All wives try to find their way thru stomach of the husbands only. However the defective tool is husbands. Today Husbands are carrier for wives and the youth had become sub-serviette to them and not as friends. When a man is a man, a woman will be a woman. Men in 20s to 30s roam around on hotels and parties ,even when the woman use her discretion; then after spoiling the mental makeup of women , afterwards regret their woman can’t do this and that. H & W relation is never a master and servant one; neither it’s an irresponsible tour of the life as girl-friend. The maturity of the men is naturally accepted as the boss of the home and that tend the husbands to take her as his life partner. Do men folks do it? You want them to dress MOD and you feel later” it shall not be”. Married life is a long road to cherish for generations to come and not just fun.