Thursday, December 13, 2012


     1  So many writings on our sanathana dharma scriptures from west. We have a population of 120 crore but no takers to write about our treasures stored in sanskrit because of political heatred towards a community. Neither the community feels significant about learning well and raising the levels to the world. There are schools for 18 years to cram without knowing the meaning. Those few who knew well are dis interested in exposing the real meaning of our vedic scriptures to the world, in whatever language they knew. In between there are exploiters who pretend to know english and sanskrit in India, who writes a trivial, insignificant, meaning less translations ,adding insult to injury. For example one joshi writes or translates sanskrit word "dharma" as "religion". Great VIP people edit west writings and publish as their own.

             2     No doubt there are a countable few in west who had written wonderful treatise and traslated our scriptures, eulogising our treasure and itrs significance, but they could not reach out because of their limitations. Again unforunately our treasures and writing on scriptures by so many are not found in our local or district ,why even state libraries but can be seen in USA libraries. We are not ashamed of our insignificant contributions. We are good at preaching for money whether preacher, lecturer or sanyasi and denigrate our scriptures, in the eyes of Indian as well as abroad citizens. We make lot of money exploiting the vedic treatise. We earn a lot using these materials without paying any Royalties. We have high sound intelligentias, but dont have inertia to differentiate the real and insertions in our scriptures. We earn lot of money out of it but never spread the scientific versions contain in ther e witht he necessary research.

          3     There are interpretations and writings by us as well as abroad writers explaining our scriptures as mere poetic verses, fanciful imagineries, sex organ explainations, texts of non-sense, barnaric cult, tribal anecdotes so many and so much. Ms Wendy writes blatently about LINGAM as sex exploits in Mallagudi artifices, and no Indian writers went even to explain what atleast THE SAIVA SCRIPTURES had rendered the meanings to the world, leave alone the research and presentations. Every one has only a span of 3 or 4 decades. However, west travel all the way in 1800 and stay and dug out to write better than our KASI PUNDITS who remain a money snatchers from pilgrims.

         4      We express our inabilities owing to lack of fund but the west travelled on their own. A handful og priest and sanyasis have done yeoman service to our 4 vedas, 18 upanishads(minimum, there are 108) and 18 major puranas(though there are many repetitive and inserted verses of low mean ones too).Bhavishya purana with sanskrit and english you will never get now ,unless your parents and grand parents have a copy. There is one GEETHA PRINTERS and a couple in north and virtually zero in south. Ramakrishna mutt does a job but they have certain restrictions. "Anna", "Dayananda sarswathy" and a few more have rendered a fine job but the current holders are making money out of it or pay less attention in the developements and dont care to answer , those interested when they ask a few questions and doubts.ITS BETTER LET GOVT DONT COME IN LEST IT SHALL BECOME POLITICS.Bharatiya vidya bhavan is functioning in a limited way.

           5         But for the work of SRI GANAPATHY thro DEIVATHIN KURAL even little work done by MAHA PERIAVA WOULD HAVE GONE UNNOTICED. There shall be wide ,detailed publications in all or any languages including ENGLISH ,narrating the real dates , geographical locations, scientific meanings, virtual interpretations witht he roots and causes including sanskrit texts and analysis . This can be done basically by sanyasis, learned peertathipathis and yogis who knew them virtually ,instead of maintaining asrams and runing from pillar to posts ,if the futuristic society and INDIA shall feel proud. The common books like vedic dharma ,concepts of cult , significance of this and that will not hold water , even though it cant be gainsaid that they are not useful nor no utility; they are needed for the STEPPER-IN, but will not throw of the illeterate books in lakhs prowling aroud the world, poo-pooing the Indian vedic scriptures.

            6          The 1600-1800 versions of BIG BANG AND DARWIN have all been said inthe theory of creations; descriptions of YOJANAS shall be analysed; 9NOT ADOTING MERE 12 KMS); GEOGRAPHICAL POSITIONS OF THE UNIVERSE AS SAID THEN LIKE meru SHALL BE FIXED; Many mames pronounced are allegory or indicators, which shall be elaborated fitting in every square; in this process the later, evengelical ardent missineries insertions shall be deciphered; (I mean evengelical including Buddist, Jains, Vaishnavaites etc also).

             7               Though more road have to be traversed yet with my little brain, I felt that(1) adi sankara periods must be established beond doubts wrt mourya dynasty; his SOUNDARYA LAHARI ,I believethe first part is genuine and latter part is kalidoss style insertions; his advaithic philosophy is master piece treatise squaring every arguements and it shall be made world significance; I think THREE vedas, 18 UPANISHADS AND 18 MAJOR PURANAS shall be analysed thread bear to dust the un wanted insertions and real meanings of vignana shall be brought out, (not imagining todays India) but the the NINE VARSHAS AND 7 CONTINENTS AS WOULD HAVE EXISTED; I opine that the theory of migration from AFRICA and CONCEPT OF idndo-european languages, MIGHT BE TOTALLY WRONG AND IT COULD BE VICE-VERSA]

             8         By looking thro SOTH HISTORY, the entire world surrounded by 7 seas, could have remained as one piece and puranas are describing the GEOGRAPHY on that basis; west follow a concept that presumptions are made out of what is known and all others remain unknown means, false, insignificant; this may not be true, since science is no different from our scriptures and because we cant think or know or explain , may not mean descriptions are non-sense or irrelevant. WHY NOT BY FORCE WORLD EXISTED CLOSE FLOATED AWAY FROM HERE TO VARIOUS POSITIONS OF TODAY ALONG WITH THE PEOPLE, WHOSE ROOTS ARE FROM HERE? THERE ARE THINKINGS THAT HIMALAYA CAME TO BE THERE ONLY AFTER A COLLISION. THERE IS A THINKING THAT SRILANKA WAS CLOSE TO ORISSA AND THE PRESENT LANGUAGE SINGALESE RESEMBLE ORIISA AND BENGALI LIKE. KANCHI MUTT HAD PUBLISHED EVIDENCES TO SHOW THAT SANKARA WAS IN KANCHI, INCLUDING THE TIRUVANAIKKAVIL PENDANT RIGHT BEFORE THE BRITISH COURT, WHER SRINGERI FAILED; NO DEMEANING ANY ONE BUT TRUTH COULD BE DIFFERENT; I AM NOT READY TO SAY MAHA PERIAVA WOULD HAVE BEEN A LIAR,NO, NEVER.

            9        It is our history and we have to break our neck. The world shall know that its not a non-sense. Its not mere 5000 0r 10000 years crap; Ramayana id far away land and periods; why Americans have taken a film to show that JESUS AND HIS MOTHER WERE HERE IN LADAK AND KASHMIR, WHERE EVIDENCES ARE AVAILABLE. Its not let the silent dog lie and barking one survive , no, its more than that meets our eye. Its in the hands of the true sanyasis and yogis of our country, more than touring the earth for money, which is against the canons of dharma of our land. When WE -ELDERS-BEHAVE. we have the right to make-fallow THE WE-JUNIORS; and the youth of the country far exceeding the quantum of the world, shall do real things , when the same quantum shall become the world record in the future too. sarve jana sukino bhavanthu.


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