Thursday, January 15, 2009


'I was never an outstanding student'
January 15, 2009
How did you score 100 percent? When did you study?" was his mother's reaction when Shanatanu Gangal told her he had scored a perfect 100 percentile at CAT 2008.
Apart from hard work Shantanu thinks luck played a big role on the day (November 16, 2008) CAT 2008 was held. That can easily pass off as Shantanu's humility.
Says the 22 year old who stood 322nd in the IIT-Joint Entrance Exams five years ago, "I was never an outstanding student. I'd always rank anywhere from 15 to 20 in school."
"I am sure scores of other students have the ability to score 100 percentile. I think I was lucky to get it. Others were not," he says about the luck factor.
successby Rajaram on Jan 16, 2009 09:46 AM sanskrit we say "adrishta"; in short "fate'; when dame luck falls on a person, bus conductor and a paper wala become SUPER STARS and then start talking how he did hard work to reach up; every person who speaks the truth would definitely knows how fragile was he or her,anxious, worried without brain,thoghts and yet overnight succeeded by un expected, un imaginable dame luck!!? Its true and fact of life and also show how people are hypocrate!! Our scriptures write this as "POORVA PUNNIYAM" (earlier birthhs' good assets earned). With or withpot hard work, success do come but karma or hard work shall help where even GOD may forget(TIRUKKURAL-TAMIL). But nothing succeeds like success and keep working for that little push, YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two sides of a coin

Below are two views, two sides of a coin, which do you agree?
1. Truly Great India..

An Olympic Shooter wins Gold medal (Only a game) Govt gives him 3 Crore + Awards Another Shooter dies, fighting with terrorists (Saving our country and our lives) Govt pays his family 5 Lakhs -Truly Great India............!!!!
Olympic winner happens once every 1000 years I guess. But soldiers dying happens every day. That does not mean I am justifying that olympic medal is greater than serving for country. Its just the frequency I am trying to pin point. I think it is fair enough :) 2 cents

Friday, January 2, 2009

The end of Prbhakaran?

The end of Prabhakaran?
(Rediffmail article and my view)
January 02, 2009There have been understandable scenes of jubilation in Colombo and other Sinhalese majority areas of Sri Lanka [Images] over the occupation of Kilinochchi, which used to be the administrative capital of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, LTTE [Images], by the Sri Lankan army on January 2.
These scenes bring to one's mind similar scenes one witnessed after the US army moved without resistance into Baghdad vacated by Saddam Hussein's [Images] army in 2003 and shortly thereafter President George W Bush [Images] proclaimed 'Mission Accomplished.' Almost six years later, the violence still continues in Iraq. His proclamation of 'Mission Accomplished' has kept haunting him since then. Shortly after the US troops entered Baghdad, I had pointed out that the US army's entry into Baghdad marked the end of one phase of the war and the beginning of another.
So too in Afghanistan where the Taliban [Images], whose death was proclaimed with fanfare in December 2001, rose from its proclaimed grave and staged a comeback causing much bleeding and destruction. The fighting is still going on in Afghanistan.
To mention all this is not to underestimate the significane of the LTTE's loss of control over Kilinochchi after remaining in occupation of it for 12 years, but to stress the inadvisability of premature claims of victory in unconventional conflicts between a State actor and a non-State actor.
The re-occupation of Kilinochchi by the Sri Lankan army will naturally add to the pride, confidence and morale of the Sri Lankan army. This does not mean that it will necessarily undermine the motivation and morale of the LTTE. Its motivation and morale would have been undermined if it was an unexpected rout for the LTTE. From all indications, it was not.
It was a denouement for which it had prepared itself and the Tamil population of the area on which it depends for support. It has lost territory whose gain was symbolically important to the Sri Lankan army. But this does not mean the end of the LTTE's campaign of insurgency-cum-terrorism.
The end of the LTTE's campaign will come not when it loses an important piece of territory, but when it loses the support of the Tamil people in the areas still controlled by it and in the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora.
In an unconventional warfare, there is no victory day when the war definitively ends with the adversary vanquished once and for all. Victory comes invisibly when the insurgent or terrorist organisation either realises that continued fighting or violence is no longer a viable option as it happened in Mizoram or when it totally loses the support of the people on whose behalf it claims to be fighting the State as it happened in the case of Khalistani terrorism in Punjab.
We must be proud of our political leaders. They did not indulge in scenes of jubilation when Laldenga, the leader of the Mizo National Front, sought peace talks with the Government of India in 1975. Nor did they indulge in triumphalism when they realised by the end of the 1990s that the Khalistan movement has withered away without their even realising it due to the aversion of the overwhelming majority of the Sikhs to the movement.
Turning points in unconventional warfare are brought about not through the force of arms, but through the force of wisdom. Arms do play an impiortant role if they are wielded with wisdom. One is yet to see such signs of wisdom in Colombo. The turning point in Sri Lanka will come the day the Tamils realise that V Prabhakaran has become a liability for their cause and get rid of him.
If there is to be real peace in Sri Lanka, the end of Prabhakaran has to be brought about by the Tamils themselves and not by the Sinhalese army. Has that day been brought nearer by the entry of the Sinhalese army into Kilinochchi? One has to keep one's fingers crossed.
B Raman
Kilinochi fallby Rajaram on Jan 03, 2009 09:35 AM Permalink Hide repliesI find Kani mozhi weeping, which is nothing but, NAtional Traitorship. Those who cry for Hamas also, can be termed as war cry, but.....It shall be remembered, waging war with criminals are always difficult. The criminal may shoot ,do whatever he wants, but army or Police have to go thro rules. Also History shows it takes some time to quell Gorilla war,and one day Prabahakaran may fall like Che-guera. One thing must be understood: al-quida has almost zeroed its outward operations;A goverenance is on in Iraq,and people live better. Hit and run terrorism is the expression of defeat and a kind of Street dog attitude. Terrorism is another face,and in a vast nation these operations ar e kind of ripple and . Of course its pathetic from individuals point of view,but viewed in large spectrum, criminalism had never thrived, Germany is quite now after hitler. May be LTTe has no large troop now and may be planning for crocodile war;may be losses would occur; may be they shall be silence3d for ever. Good if we hate war, but it shall be hated by both war monger and war defender. What did Prabhakar achieve? He placed his family safe in India,educated his children well, while he made the territorials nomads; he spoiled the progress of the country,where he was borne and brought up for installing himself a Maglomanis; he perhaps made payments like Robinhood for protecting personal benefits. Its good if srilankans viz those who are citizens irrespective of creed, live happily hereafter,.