Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Karmanye Vaadhika-raste,
Maa Phaleshu Kadachana;
Maa karma-phala-hetur-bhoorma,
MaTe sangostwakarmini.
Bhagavad Gita, Chapter II, Verse 47.

Your right is to work only,
But never to its fruits;
Let not the fruits of action be thy motive,
Nor let thy attachment be to inaction.
My view as I made loud thinking
Bhagawat Gita is an Upanishad, said to have been delivered by Lord to human, Paramatma to Jeevatma; it preaches KARMA YOGA FOR GRAHASTANS; it advises to surrender to HIM and to Samarpanam all the deeds of actions’ and yagnas performed in life to HIM; it’s a kind of partnership, where all the profit and the loss in life business given to him with a little PUSPAM and TULASI and WATER, as a gift; so that the karma yoga is performed without any attachment and EGO; HOW CAN YOU CLAIM RESULTS FOR THAT WHICH IS NOT YOURS?; when performance is done to gift HIM, as a partner viz working partner, HE alone as boss can decide what should be given to you; SO YOU DON’T WORK WITH EXPECTATIONS; and the samarpanam you do relieves from your responsibility and you do as a laborer works hard to make his boss rich and the boss decides the coolly; you are happy to do so which relinquishes the worldly love while doing the karma on earth in a better than SANYASI LIFE; MOKSHA IS HERE AND THAT LEADS TO his grace ;”MAM EKAN SARANAM VRAJA”; gnanam is reached. This also explains the KARMA THEORY viz RESULTS ARE AS PER PRE-JANMA KARMA BLANCE SHEET EXCEPT THE KARMA GIFTED TO HIM; hence what results shall be given to you is decided by THAT BALANCE SHEET which we don’t know and what we don’t know cannot be the expected fruition since at times you want less than you are entitled to!! Because you had gifted the karmas you get SAT-CHIT ANANDAM BY GNANA which fruition is the greatest. That is why PAPIS YOU SEE THRIVE AND GOOD SUFFER.
My comments- Keyartax 25th Sunday Oct 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Can a Butcher be a spiritual too?
Your Answer:
Yes. I dont know where you live and what kind of Indian, Hindu knowledge you possess. However Hindu religion unlike others is an ANCIENT HEREDITORY SANATHANA TRUTH OR DHARMA and is nothing but the way of life. Everyone is destined to do duty (Karma) and it shall be done as a Dharma without passion and attachment. As long as he does without deeper expectations and motives of ill will, all duties are functional and equal. a hanger does it
Non-chalantely as karma. , so does a butcher. What was Valmiki who wrote later the epic Ramayana? a hunter. There fore as Bhagawat Gita says those who serve with loyalty, concentration and without expectation of fruition, thinking about HIM, does carry the dharma and such person in service is not a sinner. Tirukkural in Tamil language rewrites the vedas and its scriptures and say a similar thing. Adi Sankara had experienced it when a pulaiyan (butcher0 touched him. There are no distinctions in ATMA Can anyone murder a person without awareness and motivation dispassionately except a lunatic? Hence its adharma and lunatics are not punished in the eye of law.
Source(s): Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagawat Gita and Tirukkural
Why did the Quran still remain unchanged while many changes have been done in other religious books? Is it because it is the true words of ALLAH s.w.t. -?
Your Answer:
The question is erroneous and Allah's words need not be QUALIFIED AT ALL as "true" words. Words of wisdom in any form of godliness are dharma and truth. The question is erroneous because the changes in Quran or for that matter in other religions are not done on fundamentals. There cannot be changes at all since all are truth and the truth is one in many forms. Forms are what you and I wish to think, imagine and believe. Forms may change which are carried out by human elements, but not the truth. Fundamentally a religion is one which shall render the follower in freedom and that which is not can still be a religion but the followers shall walk away from the FORMAT HOLDERS who does not allow the freedom. WHATEVER BE THE RELIGION TRUTH IS ONE. THATS WHY IN HINDU DHARMA, ITS CALLED sanathana OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN AND THEREFORE FROM ONE WHO EXISTE3D ALWAYS, GOD.
Keyartax Source(s): scriptures of all forms.
How does true prayer done from ALLAH s.w.t. bring change in your life?
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Nothing special. The change as brought in by ALLAH is being brought in even if you worship your parents!! Keyartax
Source(s): tirukkural tamil language
Is there a difference between an "Individual" and a "Human Being"?
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It’s an interesting question and I find jokers answering these as jokes. No. Individual is a legal entity and governed on this earth with in limitations. Individuals mean one of the human beings but acting not on the basis of Dharma but as per constituted law of the geographical places differing from place to place. HUMAN beings are all under the creations right from AMEOBA to 6 senses. Human beings shall possess the element of HUMANE approaches. A dog who does for the master is a great human being than a rapist or person ill treating their parents, THE FORMER DOG IS A 6TH SENSE PERSON AND THE LATTER IS AN INDIVIDUAL BEFORE LAW AND AN AN ANIMAL , SENSELESS HUMAN BEING thank you
Source(s): upanishads and tirukkural
Is it worth to torture mind and body to know the unknowns as propagated by religious leaders?
During our life time WE have been assured by the religious leaders that we perform certain rituals. repeat certain prayers or mantras, conform to certain patterns, suppress our desires, control our thought sublimate our passions, limit our appetites and refrain from sexual indulgence, we shall after sufficient TORTURE OF MIND AND BODY find something beyond this little life. This is applicable to the teachings at the Art of Living. I wonder whether it is worth. Serious comments please.

Your Answer:
If you torture you dont find it, and you can find it with pleasure rather the other way
If angels, devdoots, farishtey are send by GOD then who has sent vampires, devils on earth?
Or these are converted souls among humans only
Your Answer:
Simple you think. When you dance with the women and co habit and say you are happy who sent the AIDS HIV when you are sick? The good and the bad are not given by others (Abirami andhathi). Thou art responsible for all the fame and the disgrace (Perumaikkum enai chirumaikkum thatham karumame kattalai kkal---Tirukkural)
Spiritually speaking what do you mean by this controversial quote?
You found God? If nobody claims him in thirty days, he's yours!
—Author unknown

I believe in GOD but it is difficult for me to understand the meaning of this quote ...this author is atheist or theist
Your Answer:
UNKNOWN ELEMENTS ARE ALWAYS NOT KNOWN. You have to search for HIM in your place, in your time and in your process. Time is an abstract element varying in different situations and a subjective factor. Kid DURUVA and PRAHALADA found HIM in no time and I am still trying to find HIM. Who Knows when you search you may find HIM in 30 minuses too
Source(s): hindu scriptures