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       ‘PEOPLE OFTEN RAISE THE SAME QUESTION WHEN THEY ARE IN GREAT DISTRESS. Their language may vary, but they mean the same-- `Why does God burden me alone with so much strife?' (@)

Buddhism speaks of the same great truth that the ancient sages of Hinduism revealed—we cannot fully understand the many aspects that cover our lives.

Unfairness is a part and parcel of life. Such is the way of life. Can we teach ourselves not to be the victims of unfairness and confront it with the understanding that mysteries of life cannot be fully understood? Such acceptance of unfairness would give us the maturity to live life wisely.’


K R view:

        The cause of sufferings of people is neither “unfairness”, nor “mystery”. The best principle of Vedas is “theory of Karma” and this was crisply brought out, by TIRUVALLUAR, as IMMAIKKUM ENAI MARUMAIKKUM THATHAM KARUMAME KATTALAIKKAL.

         Buddhism though is only an expansion of Vedic culture, did not accept the rituals and idol worship, (which was not there in Vedas), and rebirths. Buddhism attributed the cause of sufferings to only THE DESIRE, which was called, in Rig Vedam, as “Kamya karma”. As vedangas explained the Vedas, so too Nava diamond sutras were pounded by later Buddhists. As later followers of Vedic culture created the rituals and idol worship, so too Buddhism, started all the rituals and idol worship, against which Lord Buddha ventured to divert.

        Karma is some kind of a balance sheet, where the actions of all kinds, dharmically or adharmically, are accounted for as assets and liabilities, of the business of each life, born here. Whereas the balance sheet reveal the “net-asset” or “net-liability”, the life balance sheet, remain total assets and total liabilities, with carried forward, each janma, account. The pleasure and the pain of life are destined as per the total assets and the total liabilities, to be spent here. The Atma of every specie enter and exit along with the remaining, to take another robe ,as per the accounts and “PUNARAPI JANANAM AND PUNARAPI MARANAM” GOES CYCLIC.

        The frail human is given few yogas to practice to increase the good and decrease the bad; its advised to practice “nishkamya karma” and act in the name of God, to wipe out the balance sheet to zero; without the “arpanam to god”, good as well as bad karmas result in pleasure or painful life; the ignorance (aviveka) when wiped out, Moksha result to escape from all the ordeals. TIRUVALLUAR, according to me a Sanskrit scholar, has put it nicely, PATRUGA PATRATRAN PATRINAI, APPATRU PATRUGA PATRAVIDATHU.

          Therefore sufferings are our own causes, now or earlier births (NANDRUM THEEDHUM PIRAR THARA VAARAA) and hence have to lead a careful life. Again JUSTICE of the earth and the DHARMA of vedam are totally different. The defense of sufferings is to seek the strength from HIM to bear the pain and to lead kindly light. This is the only people find, bad enjoying the life and the good reeling under the sufferings. People who do utter those words in the opening Para(@), have unknown past; why, some people who utter also conveniently forget the misdeeds committed by them even in this life itself. People can justify their action with the human brain, however, they know and their conscious—hence TIRUVALLUAR SAID,”THAN NENJARIVADHU POYYATRKA, POYTHA PIN THAN NENJE THANNAI SUDUM.

      Thank you  dt 24th oct 2012.


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    Music is like a milky way. There cannot be real comparison between Classical including Hindustani, Western and light at all. It’s like PARKINSON’S LAW viz every one according to its level. At the same time it’s not too difficult to understand and appreciate it too. When there is no mind to grasp and relishes plain patterns, with the self-proclaimed, music errors, well, light is in lighter vein. When mainly vocal chords or chords alone is criteria, and can go from particle to particle, ignoring in between, yet in harmonic, well western wealds the veneration and formulations of rules in harmonic is Jazz.  However, governed by strict principles laid down and performing within the bounded-concepts, melodic is, well its Classical.

    It’s misnomer to use the word “scale” here. Scale is for western whereas the similar for classical is “Ragam.” “Chords” for western is “sruthi” in classical or carnatic or Hindustani. Of course, “Taal”  and “Beats” sound synonym, yet has a difference between classical and Western, since  Harmonic is based in western only on the built up of chords and the beats.

    In carnatic as well as others, there are 7 basic “swaras” or  “notes”, however D major scale in western, and  Sankarabaranam Ragam under aurohanam, have similar notes or swarams,  when played ,never appear to be similar; it is the same case with the watered down light or cine music, where there is a near appearance but not the true version at all.

    In Carnatic swaras “Ri, Ga, Da, Ni” will invariably shall sink with the preceding swaras, as continuous by a concept called “Ghamakas”. All swaras are linked by Ghamakas. In other words, there cannot be a jump, between 2 swaras. Where there are Jumps, permissible, in between 2 swaras, in the same octave, there can be succinct expanded swaras ,in between notes like Ri, Ri 1, Ri 2 ,Ri 3 etc to ga, which is extinct in western. So carnatic is knitted with the 72 Ragas MELAKARTHA grouped as 6*6*2.

            A raga group in melakartha, is formed ,by extending ,in between two swaras, half or quarter or less than, MATRAS (not scale to be precise).Ghamakas are these matras played syncing one to another More than the vocal chords, one can hear clearly in Veena, violin ,mandolin etc. Any swaraprastharams rendered as per the wishes of the singer cannot cross the limitations prescribed. In western there can be jumps in notes, even two or three scales, without losing the beats and the chords. Hence western are’ cut” notes while the classic is linked swaras.

         Carnatic or classical has more “sangathis”, than the western “sharp and flat notes. Ventures and Shadows made a dent with electric Guitars in the delivery modes in western and became popular. However, these variations cannot have one to think that the singing of the western or light music is easier than the carnatic or classical. GOOD MUSIC IS A SKILFUL COMPOSITION OUT OF THE HEART AND BRAIN AND THAT WHICH WOULD MELLOW THE HEART, STAY FOR GENERATIONS TO COME.  

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   It’s really a neat one (THOUGHTS OF SOURCE RECEIVED) but can make one doubt the approach to life of today. May be I added a few masala, which may be of worth or not, yet, some may consider as PROGRESSIVE LETTER FROM father to son:

Remember the following as you go through life 

1. Do not bear grudge towards those who are not good to you. No one has the responsibility of treating you well, except your mother and I.

   KR: Its denying the expectations in day to day life, where few things are given only for return. Expectations and failure would hurt, but all are not the same and there are few who would reciprocate to multiply your joy and thus you can avoid the monsters and forget their non-gratitude. Of course in this world, PARENTS, RELATIONS, FRIENDS AND OTHERS ARE NOT IN THE SAME PLANE. There are two golden phrases  (1) kittathayin vettena mara—once u know u will not get it better pl forget (2) Madiyadhar talai vassal midikka vendam-----never step into the corridors of those who don’t respect you.

        To those who are good to you, you have to treasure it and be thankful, and ALSO you have to be cautious, because, everyone has a motive for every move. When a person is good to you, it does not mean he really likes you. You have to be careful, don't hastily regard him as a real friend. 

         KR:  then totally its better to have a diplomatic relations only; then others will stay away from u once they understand and regret. Pl remember that ,when the index finger is pointing out, 3 other fingers are pointing at you also.

2. No one is indispensable, nothing in the world that you must possess. Once you understand this idea, it would be easier for you to go through life when people around you don't want you anymore, or when you lose what/who you love most. 

    KR; However when one cannot use discretion and differentiate the crossings in the long life of 60 years, but remain diplomatic, THEN AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL U WILL HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE LIFE ONCONNECTED TO THIS WORLD AND U SHALL REMAIN HAPPIER; ON THE CONTRARY IF U GET HURT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, THEN U WASTED UR TIME ALL THESE YEARS. So,a life of losing some thing, which u can afford,  for the sake of  a little gain, is far better than the life of steadfast.

3. Life is short. When you waste your life today, tomorrow you would find that life is leaving you. The earlier you treasure your life, the better you enjoy life. 

       KR:  Also life is unpredictable and a mystery. Same approach and hard work would make one a cine star and another bus conductor only. Hence whether the life is wasted or not is not surely to know at the start. End justifies the means. Then the WASTE can be mitigated by, CONTROL OF THE DESIRE IN ALL ASPECTS, keeping the needs to a limit which is more than sufficient. May be it could be one’s treasure also.

4. Love is but a transient feeling, and this feeling would fade with time and with one's mood. If your so called loved one leaves you, be patient, time will wash away your aches and sadness. Don't over exaggerate the beauty and sweetness of love, and don't over exaggerate the sadness of falling out of love. 

   KR: This is called the status as in Bhagavat Gita, STHITHAPRAGNAN. Its not too easy to achieve but the control of the emotions and that of the reaction of the mind, can be practiced by trying to be sharp and cool as ARJUNA. Again the real love is omnipotent and expansive and the true love is reflected in all and it’s named differently with the different objects of love.

5. A lot of successful people did not receive a good education, that does not mean that you can be successful by not studying hard! Whatever knowledge you gain is your weapon in life. One can go from rags to riches, but one has to start from some rags! 


6. I do not expect you to financially support me when I am old, either would I financially support your whole life. My responsibility as a supporter ends when you are grown up. After that, you decide whether you want to travel in a public transport or in your limousine, whether rich or poor. 

      KR: Finance either way is secondary since the level is unknown. However the support is mutual and can never remain one way, lest conduct may lead one to the other side of life. The Tamil quote or poem received is reproduced for the effective functioning in life.

  அன்பு மகனுக்கு அப்பா எழுதுவது.!


அன்பு மகனுக்கு அப்பா எழுதுவது.!

வசதியாகத்தான் இருக்கிறது மகனே

நீ கொண்டு வந்து சேர்த்த

முதியோர் இல்லம்

பொறுப்பாய் என்னை

ஒப்படைத்து விட்டு சலனமின்றி நீ

வெளியேறிய போதுமுன்பு நானும்

இது போல் உன்னை

வகுப்பறையில் விட்டு விட்டு

என் முதுகுக்குப் பின்னால்

நீ கதறக் கதறக்

கண்ணீரை மறைத்தபடி

புறப்பட்ட காட்சி

ஞாபகத்தில் எழுகிறது!


முதல் தரமிக்க

இந்த இல்லத்தை

தேடித் திரிந்து

நீ தேர்ந்தெடுத்ததை அறிகையில்கூட

அன்று உனக்காக நானும்

பொருத்தமான பள்ளி


ஓடி அலைந்ததை

ஒப்பீடு செய்கிறேன்!




என் முகம் பார்க்க

நீ வராமல் போனாலும்

என் பராமரிப்பிற்கான

மாதத் தொகையை


அனுப்பி வைப்பதற்காக

மனம் மகிழ்ச்சியடைகிறது

நீ விடுதியில்

தங்கிப் படித்த காலத்தில்

உன்னைப் பார்க்க வேண்டும் என்ற

ஆவல் இருந்தாலும்

படிப்பை நினைத்து

உன்னை சந்திக்க மறுத்ததன்

எதிர்வினையே இதுவென்று

இப்போது அறிகிறேன்!


இளம் வயதினில்

நீ சிறுகச் சிறுக சேமித்த


என் முதுமைப் பருவத்தில்

மொத்தமாக எனக்கே

செலவு செய்கிறாய்


உனக்கும் எனக்கும்

ஒரு சிறு வேறுபாடு

நான் கற்றுக்கொடுத்தேன்


வாழ்க்கை இதுதானென்று

நீ கற்றுக் கொடுக்கிறாய்


உறவுகள் இதுதானென்று!

7. You honour your words, but don't expect others to be so. You can be good to people, but don't expect people to be good to you. If you don't understand this, you would end up with unnecessary troubles. 

      KR:  Be clever and never be stupid to commit the same error twice. Even when u remain without expectations, yet u will suffer.

8. I have bought lotteries for umpteen years, but I never strike any prize. That shows if you want to be rich, you have to work hard! There is no free lunch! 

9. No matter how much time I have with you, let's treasure the time we have together. We do not know if we would meet again in our next life. 

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
US poet (1874 - 1963)

Your    Dad & Mom.12/10/12.

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Fatcat obsession: We need this reform for India

Fatcat obsession: We need reform for India Uninc, not India Inc

by R Vaidyanathan

The author is Professor of Finance, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. The views are personal and do not reflect that of his organization

Fatcat obsession: We need this reform for India

6th Oct 2012

By     K Rajaram  IRS

I am an ordinary person and express my personal view of the article presented by Learned Sri  R . Vaidyanathan .I am a retd senior civil servant of the ministry of finance.

           Main focus of Mr Vaidyanathan is ANTI REFORMATION IN ECONOMICS AS IT IS AGAINST THE NON-CORPORATE SECTOR WHICH IS ALONE SHOWING THE GROWTH OF THE NATION; THE NON-CORPORATE SECTOR WRIGGLES UNDER HIGH RATE OF INTEREST AND CORRUPTION; IT IS 60 YEARS OF STUGGLE FOR THEM BUT ARE THEY  THE ONLY HIGH-GROWTH SECTOR OR YET –TO- GROW SECTOR?; OF COURSE I AM NOT COMPETENT AGAINST AN ECONOMIC PROFESSOR’S ACUMEN. No doubt adjectives like “. crony capitalists,  basic and more path-breaking reforms, “sexy” enough, sepoy’s sellout, full of glamour and oomph, an “item number, loonies or even Luddites, fatcats, Yankees and Yankee-minded “ ARE IGNORABLE. May I express my view THAT IS NEEDED AT THIS JUNCTURE , as a “recovery-risk-management,’ measure BROUGHT by  ‘a competent economist recognized by the world. “ (MANMOHAN SINGH).?

     2. The ire of the of the professor of the finance is understandable, however, after independence ,one shall remember that at least three score years have passed and no finance wizards could raise up the standard of this country, including The Prime minister. It’s a matter of concern for the world economy, when the countries of the world follow inter-dependency in economic growth and trade. Finance includes borrowal and gold reserve and so on. Unless there is a country like RAMA RAJYAM described in RAMAYANA, pressure of the debtor-creditor relations, pressure of trade-exchanges and the pressure of the balance of payment etc is bound to exist, which is well known to all who is in Finance. Also from the days of the 3000 BC, wealth of the nation was accumulated out of pressure only, by various means, by cutting the supply, by enforcing certain financial transactions so on so forth, which is also known to the financial management. Also from that date till date, BIG BUSINESS PERSONS AND HOUSES WERE warmly considered by the rulers, who are pillars of economy.

         3.  Silappadikaram will speak high of Masathuvan;Artha- sastra speak about it; Mourya as well as later Gupta dynasty speak of such persons; rest of the normal people were respected but the “crony- capitalists’ were a force to reckon with. As usual, in all times such personality formed only a small percentage; also powerful countries enforced, the ransom on less economic nations. This struggle always co-existed in the history and the world was growing. Ancestral generations of the Reliance and TATAs ,competed with the cronies pressure and developed. Even today there is an agency(like standards and poor) watching over the hour glass the progress and downfall of every nation under debt repayment; in order to safe-guard the interest of the balance of payment, devaluations are adopted. India is also facing such situations where the borrowed funds are frittered away on SUBSIDIES; India already faces money-value decrease and if “standard and poor” evaluate the balance of payment and the money value, India will be worst hit.  This is very well known to the oppositions and the financial wizards, and they are expected to educate the illiterates and not frighten them; those who can’t offer a tested, breaking solutions, I am afraid have no right to present a discordant picture at all. I am not defending the existing govt but redemption from drowning is required and it will be hot. No one can criticize the world economy administrators with whom we have transacted already and agreed to certain terms and conditions. Why blame the US Business interest and cronies? Will the professor having lent a big amount to somebody, will be noble enough, not to hurt the debtor and refrain from collection and lead the write-off?

           4.         I am surprised to find the suppression of facts and presenting the arguments cleverly. In India under income earning status there are six status viz INDIVIDUL, HUF, PARTNERSHIP, AOP, BOI, COMPANY, TRUST; in USA there are only two status; INDIVIDUAL AND COMPANY; THEREFORE, in USA it is 75% while in India company percentage is lower than the partnership; one shall add all status in India other than the Individual and then compare with USA. (OUTSIDE THE PURVIEW, THERE ARE HIGH PERCENTAGE OF TAXPAYERS THAN IN INDIA WHICH IS HARDLY 3% OF THE POPULATION). It also means that in USA ,there are big corporate as well as very small corporate,like Indian Partnership of 45%.So, let us not be mislead by the statement of convenience. 

5.    Hence it’s not a surprise that service sector also is included therein being 70% in non-corporate. Growth of the economy is not determined by 70% or 30%, but on the whole the business and saving sectors put together. The finance-WIZARDS is even now floating a theory that the 80% contribute 20% development and the 20% contributing the growth of the 80%. So it’s a fallacy in deducing that “they (non-corporate service sector) are the drivers of our economic growth”. If the deduction is correct here, then the this deduction is true, even in Europe and USA.

6.     Theoretically savings do contribute to investment and growth. But does it hold well in India? If there are 70% domestic savings, why not the GDP increase? Savings must be encouraged for the wealth of the Individual and the nation. However, here, savings are forced for tax evasions and tax avoidance. There is savings on one side and borrowal on that savings on the other side, keeping net savings, highly lower down  the expectations for growth.  Also savings are frittered away on subsidies and so many gifts etc , bringing the country to this level. What were the financial wizards and economists were doing, when the current PM, as erstwhile FM, curtailed the level of savings of public, for the sake of paltry increase in inflated tax targets?( 80 c was conditioned in MM singh period). All the learned were sitting over the fence and now  make a hue and cry, under the present situation of the crisis management.

7.      The “twin devils” credit crunch and corruption is rhetoric but not applicable only to the non-corporate sector alone. Both apply to the whole nation including the NRIs. CREDIT FREEDOM IS NOT CARRIED OUT BY ONLY THE STANDARD RULES, TO BE ONLY IMPLEMENTED BY THE BANKERS BOTH PRIVATE AND PUBLIC, UNIFORMLY FOR APPLICATIONS ON UNIVERSAL NEEDS, AS THE EXCLUSIVE PRIVILEGE OF THE LENDERS. There are differentiations, discretions, disorderly system, in the credit issues and the effect of diminishing utility is foreclosed.  There are suckers and the implementers, unconnected to the issue. Where the controls lie outside, where there are discretions, where the standards rules do not govern, there will exist the CORRUPTION. They are inseparables. WHAT WAS THE ECONOMIST AND THE FINANCIAL WIZARDS WERE DOING THEN, SO AS TO POO -POO ,THE CRISIS MANAGEMENT NOW?

8.     Even in these circumstances, the approach by the  non-corporate sector for borrowal, towards the private money lenders,  is not because of the credit crunch and the corruption at all. Who will pay 5-6% per month and do business unless there is a factor of Greed and the fact of secrecy? The banks do need certain credit worthiness papers, projection of profit, input capital, proportionate loan against the capacity to repay and governance of the activities of the borrowers.(EVEN HERE WE HAVE THE STANDARDS AND POOR MONITORING). Majority of the so called non-corporate sectors, either remain a non-tax payer or pay lesser tax then they earn, suppressing their income and the assets totally or in value; these factors increase more corruptions and more credit-crunch-in -appearance.  Had there been genuine civilian conduct of the tax payments, why they have to go to private money lenders? If they have the capacity to be lent by the private, who never writes off, won’t they have the capacity to file those papers before the bank? Had they made proper taxes, there is not that difficult for the loan as well as there is no need to pay bribe; had there been violations out of the discretion, there would have been the right attitude to break it; when the three fingers are pointing towards the non-corporate, why would one stretch the index finger? Is it a fact that these non-corporate (as well the corporate) develop the real growth of the nation? As a matter of fact, the present crisis management was forced by the attitudes of the non-corporate for the past 60 years and they have to face the brunt.

9.    Therefore the cause of the decrease in bank credit of the Non-Corporate  sector, between 90s and now, is the increase in the tax evasions and accumulations of non-proportionate assets, preventing the developments of the nation and none else. I remember a story: The king wanted milk to be poured in a vessel by the public and in order to hide the discriminations in quantum, made it in a dark room; when in the morning when the king saw the tub, it was full of water only; everyone knows why? Non corporate created the havoc with the vested interest, showing the gate on others, making themselves “FAT CAT”. Therefore, unexplained assets cannot get required loan and the private can lend because of the sure point of collections and no need to question the source; they(NC) were selfish then and now they don’t want to lose the power they enjoyed. ALL THE MALAIS POINTED OUT DO EXIST BUT THOSE WHO ENJOYED THE FRUITION ONCE HAVE TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCE NOW. There is a difference between the last year USA and the current year USA progressively, but do we have any such? We pay from Rs 48 to 58 per dollar. This is not just because of the failure of the administrations, credit squeeze, and corruption alone; economists, finance-wizards, traders with the vested interests, politicians inclusive of the oppositions, I am safe Service, routine beauracrats, parliamentarians, media inclusive of news papers etc; even public at large is not spared because everyone had their share of loot and voted without the application of the mind in so many assembly and parliament elections. No one did their job for public and who did it was ostracized under some stamps. Hence who is the FAT CAT? Yankees are doing better but the copy-cats who were yawning are to be blamed.

10.     The solutions are with the intelligentsia of this country to put forth workable short range and long range plans and to STAND AND DELIVER. No one needs to monitor private liberties of business. When rules are framed impartially, and executed with watch-dog mechanism, by favoring good ones automatically the other will get eradicated. Implement punishments for the encourager of the corruption and make economic offenses 50 years imprisonment with no appeal further. This is the country where offenders can procrastinate and even become the leader to abolish the hand-cuffs. LEAVE THE EXECUTIVES TO FUNCTION AND JUST IMPLEMENT THE LAW, THEY WILL DELIVER; but you frame rules against law, to tell them how to walk. Allow Judiciary to function independently with the power to throw of unnecessary litigations wasting the court time by the power-centre. Let people elect good governance and stand firm. In 90s village people were very straight forward but now we made them beggars because of our self-centered ambitions.  

11.        As per the author just imagine if the small and medium businesses do their business with the austerity and good product profit, without greed, just imagine that “annual rate of 80%” comes into their business pool only. In my fathers’ days, people became lakhier after three decades but today, HUT becomes a LAND GRABBER in three years, where the malaise lies?

12.       “Wal-Mart, in its search for new markets, needs us more than we need it.”-----yes it’s absolutely true, but one shall compete to prove it. We are smart business people. We do business without capital and will it be difficult to compete? When “small and medium” do their business, right in front of “fat cats” RELIANCE AND TATAs, can Wal-Mart and others worry us? When the whole streets of Usman Rd Chennai and Mumbai are flooded with the Jewellery shops of small and big, and the small shops do exists besides the big one , will they perish before Wal Mart and others? NO, BUT THE SECRETS AND TRICKS WILL EXPLODE FOR EXPLORERS AND THAT IS WHAT THE ROUCOUS SHOUTINGS.

  13.     ‘The reforms we really need are in the areas of commercial taxes, road taxes, entertainment tax, excise duty on liquor, urban land ceiling regulations, the Shops and Establishments Act, laws governing educational and medical institutions, money lending regulations, stamp duty, food and adulteration laws (involving municipalities), water and drainage regulation, and the registration and contract laws.”—-----yes absolutely but every reform brings new evasions in the minds of businesses and who will bring the reform in them? FIRST BECAUSE OF THIS SHOCK CREATED BY THE GOVT REFORMS LET THERE BE LIGHT AND MAY BE PEOPLE WILL KNOW AND SUGGEST WHAT IS THE GENUINE REFORM REQUIRED. MERE LAWS WONT BRING DOWN UTOPIA. The taxation was brought down from 90% to 30% during the course of 4 decades, but who abides by the taxation? The increase in the collection percentage of taxes are, statistics, inflation and from the salary class and the known -incomewallahs. The Rat is still only in the den.

  14.       “Need to have an inter-state council meet only to focus on reforms in all the above mentioned areas instead of just being obsessed with FDI and FII and pink paper concerns.”---                No sir. THIS CURRENT REFORM IS INEVITABLE. THANK GOD THAT THE METHOD ADOPTED BY THE GERMAN CHANCELLERY AFTER the 2nd world WAR(when prices were increasing by every hour ) ,OF PEGGING THE PRICE LINE WAS NOT BROUGHT IN, LEST THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN, CRORES OF INSOLVENTS.

 15.       “Do not appeal to the audiences of the business TV channels and the chambers of commerce”---        sure sir because they are inside the ring and may be the cause of the problem center also.

 16.        “Actually, FII and FDI sources have always contributed less than 10 percent of our investments, which are largely driven by domestic savings. Yet we think giving more incentives to foreign investors will solve all problems. That is not a sign of free market thinking, …..”----         Sir, if its contributions are only 10%, why worry about it and make such a cry? I remember a story: when someone was to be executed, King asked him his last wish; he replied ,”I know the technique of making the horse fly’; He wanted 6 months time; king agreed; when his friend asked about this impossibility, he replied, “who knows ,something may happen in the meantime , why even the horse may fly”. SO WHEN CORNERED TO THE WALL, WHATS WRONG WITH THIS FII AND FDI?

 17.        “‘Sectors that really create jobs and growth. Our corporate sector is only an “item number” in our economy, “ ---Even NRIs create jobs of value and quantum of what the 1000 small business create, hence this may not be serving the purpose for gainsaying.

18.         “We as a nation have the uncanny ability to focus on the inconsequential and immaterial and waste lots of time and effort on them. We even have the gall to criticize those who point out these home truths as Swadeshi……..”        -------sure sir, then why again worry about “immaterial and wasteful” imagination factors? We have crossed the pride of being the “swadesi’ and who knows, by these measures we may get back it, as it happened, during “GARGIL WAR”.

19.         “ Delhi-centric reforms can only benefit fat cats and not the most productive sectors and engines of our economic growth’”“ (central point) They are struggling to get adequate credit at reasonable rates of interest and have to deal with corruption at the lower, and less controllable, levels in our system. What India needs is to reform our reform process itself to focus on the real India and not the India which the Yankees and Yankee-minded reformers are imagining!”                  ---- ALL THESE ARE SUPERFLOUS TO GO BACK AGAIN. LET US HAVE A GOOD SUN SHINE WITHOUT FEAR.

               THANK YOU