Sunday, September 2, 2012


                                    Many western theology writers have commented that the Indian ancient scriptures have lot of insertions and therefore unreliable for historical data. How ever in the world , no historical data are reliable ,unless well within a thousand years as there were inscriptions readable and print materials. All data are by archaeologists interpretations by guess and attributions, as if seen right in front, appearing to be logical; how ever the views are extinct after some time, on some other materials and interpretations.
                               Hence western thoughts of bias attitude need not be relied upon . Again it cannot be gainsaid that our own Indian, British period authors for the sake of fame ,name and money copied those materials, without doing any independent research of their own. I would quote many from Neelakantan and Radhakrishnan. At the same time the ancient authors lacked in geography and version of time. For example when they say MERU MALAI ,location could be anywhere near then INDIA, on the equator line. Because the BHARATHA VARSHAM IS south of  Merumalai. Its not their fault. If you ask some one route to reach his house from railway station, his description which is correct to him, may lead you to opposite direction even. Understanding is one thing and equating that understanding evenly, so as to make a common understanding is difficult for so many.
                                Ancient had astronomical data which were according to that day and status ,having been verified for truth,however in the mean time A TUESDAY ON THAT DAY WAS RECOGNISABLE BY ONE AND ALL; but after the varaha mihira or salivahana or British, if you want to count years and date ,you will find it stupidity; its as good as a child telling something,which you are able to relish if its yours, and laugh at if its neighbors. So mistake is ours. All historians have been reading Tamil with the English knowledge.
                            However can any one write everything as TIME MACHINE ? No. There are truth and facts. Its so ancient unlike Bible or Quran, we are unable to go to that status. When Education is discussed for Kids, expertise say that we shall not teach from our level but let us go down to child level to make them easily understanding; but when it comes Indian Vedic scriptures ,those who ought to have done the work ,escape on varied causes and those who did weighed it as if the child of neighbor and made the denigrated observations. Mrs. WENDY a good Sanskrit scholar, of USA without deep research and on the hearsay of mistaken scholars of India, attributed SIVA LINGAM as MALE PART. Its her blatant insult on India but it’s the defect of not wearing the then glasses and taking a look. Atman reside in LINGA SAREERA, hidden and WHAT DO YOU SEE IN A LINGAM.?
                              The ancient scriptures were handed over by sound and memory to post-periods. Are there any other nation in the world who have texts received as memory and sound? Western say only folk-lore and we too have such. But neither smrithi nor sruthi like India. Then don’t you think who denigrated our  treasures, for mere establishments of CHRIST as greater than any other and don’t you think they had a fall?
                            In the meantime, there were Indians as of today, in leader as well as servant status, who wanted to spike that scriptures and played the dice to create a new religion a new pathway and a new way of life, which is in no way different from the ancient. By being religious such grass carried animosity to twitter the ancient. There are two ways  to show big; draw a big line next to smaller one; or make your smaller line look big by erasure of the big line; the latter were done by so many. They could not do much with the Vedas and Upanishads, so they took puranas like Srimad Bhagavatham etc. and made tacit insertions. The greatest denigration was done by our own people and that cult continue even today.
                         So what one can do? Read carefully, listen carefully. attend carefully. apply your mind carefully. Ulluvadu ellam uyarvullal is the best. MAIPPORUL KANBADHU ARIVU.


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