Friday, April 10, 2009


There was acclaim and praise on the article, CONCEPT OF DHARMA AND TRUTH. This is not my writing wholly, but extracts from the book of Sri Dayananda saraswathy and this book was written by him in 1933, 13 years before I was born. The crux of veda a way of life was not written so simply by any one else, including Dr Radhakrishnan and Aurabindo.
How ever, I am also considering whether living like this, AS A SOFT CREATURE LOOKING AT THE GODLINESS LIKE SATHAGA PARAVAI (a bird waiting for rain drops) is also worth, (even sai preaches similar dharama) when/where "such living" is not a success on this earth, and no one knows whether its successful in the other world.
On the contrary, the "other category" ( who does not bother about dharma-living) torments us but live happily for ever(some one whispers they do suffer and dont sleep properly)-(butsoft creatures equally suffer) . I used to say to mom, good daughter in law ,in sai vedio, suffers and mother in law looks like Idumbi enjoys insulting the daughter in law and in -laws. Sai says , good people live well but bad suffer a lot. When? After all the committed tortures, if sombody dies of cancer at age 60, what is the loss for the torturer and the torturer in tha next life born as an Ass, will never know about it.
On the contrary, Dharma and Adharma, are well defined as a changing paths from day to day; Krishna says that you have to fight Adharma as a shatrian and lead dharmic life as a brahmin,earn enough with right attitude as a Vysya. Dharma is never said as only this but said as the path good people tread. 579 AD dharma may be different in 2009 yet dharma shall bring to one and all happiness and shall not hurt any one. If dharma has to be taught properly, to adharmans, and it shall hurt but shall bring happiness in the surroundings, then that is the concept of dharma and that is veda. Adi sankara's ViVeka choodamani, Dialogue between Yama and Nachiketha, discussion in front of the poisoned pool between Dharma and dharmam in Mahabharatha, Kenopanishad, gita are all thoughts of understanding the way of life and dharma.
People are uni-mimded and are afraid to even express openly for the fear of exclusions and richness; they fawn and creed. Hence ADHARMA is thought to be right in KAliyuga. The joke part of it its just 5000 year old since kaliyuga was ushered in and has to go 1,44,000 years for the end. We all will be there born again and again to witness.
But a question? who is born again? The dead body, NO? The Atman,who was/is/will be not involved in the actions of us, but remain a witness. ? So how the balance sheet of dharma nad adharma would affect the atman? That body which was/is reborn which is innocent and not concerned with episodes of earlier JAnmas, alone would suffer? STRANGE THOUGHTS.

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