Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3000 years old social suppression

3000 years old social suppression---
It was reported in the press that Mr. Gold of congress, spoke in support of reservation telling that it is necessary, because 3000 years suppression cannot be cured, over night.
Political leaders know, no history or politics or geography of the domain. Neither the people care to know about it, as long as they get money. Country is secondary to public as well as politician. Or else will all cry for Srilanka, when people in their country suffer more than that. It can be said universal brotherhood had they lamented about Tanzania, old china, Tibet or former Formosa or Guantanamo bay. No, their politics must earn something cash or asset. Why, a recent event @ Malaysia, reported abroad and you tube, was neither reported by news papers nor the Indian as well as Tamil politicians crying for Tamils. You Tube reported demolition of the Hindu Temple of 100 years old,
1. “YouTube - Hindu temple Demolish in Klang Oct 2007
Hindu temple demolished by Malay Authorities - As hundreds of thousands of Hindu devotees cried and even begged to stop, the Malaysian Authorities demolished a Hindu temple dedicated to Devi on Tuesday. The temple was more than hundred years old. According to reports, the Hindu devotees including the priests were forced to stop the prayers when the Malaysian Authorities brutally began to demolish the Malaimel Sri Selva Kaliamman Temple, situated in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, using bulldozers accompanied by police. Everybody was crying saying that how could a government do this brutality to a peace loving community.”
Now the suppression of 3000 years had not been researched by the great Historian, Late Sri Neelakanta Sastri K A, anywhere. Sanga Ilakkiams never speak anywhere one such. Even at the time of Islam and English entries, into our country and Tamil nadu, there were not coerced conversions due to poverty. Even as late as 1950s, people were appreciating the best life and respect in the society and the lowest economy. Then since when suppression came up and under whose hands? When Dravidian (so called) rulings, came in with reservations, suppression by the same community started and the blame was shouldered by 2% of the population community. The surprise elements are that the said suppressed preferred at the helm of affairs, only that 2% community and stated that, only that social sector would render justice, as they are God Fearing!!! The comic parody is only that sector, are the legal protectors for the politicians who brought the quota rule!!!! NEITHER THEPOLITICIAN NOR THE PUBLIC READ OUR PAST AND THE HISTORY AND ALWAYS SCAPE GOATES IS THE INTELLIGENCE (NOT CRAFTY).

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