Sunday, April 5, 2009


There was an editorial in Mangaiyar malar, a ladies Magazine, written by Ms Anusha Natarajan. She cited, the happiness of simple life, and said, Happiness is mind oriented. She had seen people buying bunglow, car, posh articles etc when in flying color and drowning in sorrow when the source disappeared or decreased.
One thing is sure. Everything is in mind and people refuse to look at it that way. In contrast, neighbors envy when on top and cherish with criticism when going down. Therefore, the unhappiness is mainly due to the rise and fall of the empire in front of others; they had fallen and the society will mock at them. It’s in the mind.
A question? Why we are here for such a long time, viz on earth?
1. To live to the heart’s content without hurting others and in a righteous ways.
2 To live in any manner as you like without principles and codes selfishly
3. To live taking all things in good strides with balanced mind practicing equanimity
4. To live for HIS GRACE and SALVATION and to proceed in that direction.
Of course, “Loco binna Ruchi” and each has his right to live. In the first category, he has no regrets, since he knows that he is flying and any down fall is his own. In the second category, HE WILL DEFINITELY NOT KNOW and he needs to know that “nanmaiyum theemaiyum pirar thara vaara”. The third one can sleep on double-cot or crunched mud, enjoying the good as well as bad times. Fourth one is simple and simply travelling in another plane. In short, “simple life” is objective and the levels differ as well the definition.
Simple life as meant in the magazine were to be practiced, even buying this magazine is a waste and against leading a simple life. The Grahasthas or samsari, has to work hard and raise the standard physically and mentally, within the accepted boundaries (ulagam pazhithadu ozhithu). There could be the other way too. Those persons climb faster and skids speedier. Even Gandhi the simple soul had problems. In all cases , leading a simple life does not require so many research findings thro varieties of media, and HE did not create species just for that, when ETHANAI KODI INBAM need not be created at all.
Simple life is undefined. Ambani may chat with his driver and staff, as though he is not the owner of multi millions. His driver shall live within his means without comparing him with Ambani. When the son of that driver, is earning in multiple dollars, and if the driver can afford a bungalow, then that is the simple life of that level. When the USA returns back the son, with little or no savings, going back to the early life is simple. Simple life is light and simple in thinking and enjoying the wealth rightfully (or even wrongfully) earned. Simple in mind sustains the happiness forever. Category 3 suffers and makes others suffer misery. Other categories know the wind and run along with thendral in their mind and heat in the surroundings.
Earthlings shall enjoy the gods’ bounty taking HIM along with, so that the variance is not felt. Simple life is undefined.
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