Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Service to humanity-A THOUGHT
On Wed, 31 Dec 2008 14:26:08 +0530 "RLR5800" wroteWISHING ALL OF YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. MAY GOD BESTOW THE BEST OF HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IN THE COMING YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY :)In the current context many may ask the simple question of what is 'happy' about the New Year?Your health is something that makes you happy. Worrying baout the crisis is not going to help at all. Being positive will definitely help; and being happy makes you positive:)All of us have been bestowed with the kind of 'luxury' by God, that we have our next meal. We have a roof to live under; we have the luxury of internet - communicating with near and dear- we know where the rest of the family is and what they do. For millions this not the case - no roof - no food - no luxury of internet and so on. So we are 'happy':)I would like too take this opportunity to request all of you to 'conserve and convince others to conserve' all resources- be it food at the New Year party or at home or energy usage or any of the resources that can be fruitfully used by millions of others. 'Use' is vital for economy 'wastage' is not. I am aware that this message has been given out by thousands of prudent people and repeating the same is very much worth everyone's time and effort.All the best and WISHING ALL OF YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. MAY GOD BESTOW THE BEST OF HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IN THE COMING YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY :)Regards,R.LAKSHMI RATANrlr@vsnl.com__._,_.___ ---- Original Message -----

Dear Mr. Lakshmi Ratan Thank you and its thought provoking. As a coin has two sides, I think laterally too. Service to humanity is worshipping god. However I strongly feel that God had provided aplenty and as one was throwing the diamond stone into water, people mainly suffer due to lethargy. Everyone has to seek and live. Conservation of energy is good but consumption of energy is a right of life who is seeking and who had earned to consume. It looks ruthless to say so, but who are we, to say we are helping the society? HE IS DOING IT AND HE KNOWS BETTER. In Ramayana times there were ,say 100 people; then it went 10times more; then it went 100 times more; yet every need were available because ,every inch of article was earned by hard work; so when to day it expanded by 1000times,say, HE had conserved having known they are in needs; only thing certain sectors want things to happen without even twitching their fingers, so they shall be taught how to seek; the only community needed help is abandoned children and hapless, non-kinetic aged; even for them we have to move things nearer to them ,so that they could use their little effort to have and enjoy. I am trying to express my view which may or may not be correct, however I believe in teaching the man to fish rather than providing fishes.
Pranams .K Rajaram ************************************************************************

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Celerity said...

I agree with you. People should be taught to fish rather than provide fishes. I like that.