Monday, December 29, 2008

Where do I begin?

We have a built up mechanism internally. None are spared, what ever faith you follow. At times of jolt, sadness, pleasure, pain,anguish, sorrow, surprise, cool moods, ecstasy, express expressions, gratitude, thanks giving, calmness, stable hearts, sex,scandal, vent feelings, vandalism,zest,from A to Z moods,utter, this name in any language, in any faith and in all expressions. I hear some one laughing and telling in my ears ,"Boss, I always utter the four letter word starting with SXXX; sure its a smash hit, and still it means your emotions and "Salute Him for my Internal Transformation. " He is potential for the progress and Kinetic for thy successful journey. A BRIGHT FORCE TO MAKE YOU WALK ON THIS EARTH, LEADS KINDLY LIGHT, LIFTS YOU ON HIS SHOULDER WHEN YOU ARE TIRED, LEAVES YOU GENTLY BEHIND TO RAISE BY YOURSELF. HE IS IN YOU, HE IS WITHOUT YOU AND HE IS WIT IN YOU.We have to seek HIM,its in your blood, You are BRAHMAN(AHAM BRAMMASMI),ISHALL BECOME WHAT I THINK.Let us walk along wihtout hatred, bitterness,unneeded pride and casting aspersions. God bless you all.

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