Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My experiences show that (may be I may have a bigger company), respect to age, knowledge, positive attitude, perfect exposure, planned and pruned thoughts are decreasing day by day. If it is from aged, older, at least we have a solace, there is thinking process from the other side too, and I am willing to bend my ears. But youth force, unconditionally brought up, at age 20 think, that he knows (or they know), quite a lot which elders are ignorant about. Average age of such thinking could be 20 or even less than that. They are finished. They are pampered children and the ratio is higher with women. Except bookish knowledge, friends’ shallow views, web indiscriminate access, five fathom language, couple of travels, one cannot attain the ultimate, which the ultimate guru still holds doubts about. Incidentally, even better thoughts are borrowed ideas, from outside the birth place, and the pragmatic world and the inbound knowledge are yet to be felt ,leave alone bursting on their face. In Tamil such tribe is called “PINJIL PAZHUTTHAVARGAL”(RIPE IN BUD STAGE).
Brightness and intelligence are not possessed equally. They are rare commodity. But pretentions are too many and the present day youth are pretentious and especially young women. Pretentions in tongue, language, conversations, dress codes, arts and science are seen in vast circle. Women expose themselves, with pride and prejudices and without soft, feminine touch. They are attractive bodily but not mentally; suave with perfume but not soothing in character; willing to barter with their tools to achieve anything instantly and grieve later after losing the flowers within them.
Fine. From where they acquired it? There is nothing to guess. ONLY FROM ELDERS. Borne after 1985, for those were borne in 1960, are route causes of cultural revolutions. Media and news papers and magazines were/are route/ROOT feeders, for them to grow fat. Have you seen Ananda vikatan? A clean image magazine, which was house-hold name even with orthodox of yester years, has turned around as if CINE-BLITHZE. A paper like Hindu, Dina malar changed their path for their profit orientations under the guise of survival. Cinema medium has done the worst damage to youth, for their sensual perceptions. Cine music is an organ for flesh and targets the ignorance of youth. A song like “poga poga theriyum”, changed its flanks to “nila adu vanathin mele” and then dived steep into “en meni urugude”; Now its raise is “theenda vaa”,en aadaikkul nee vendum, “ammi kallu” etc; the funny part of all these things are choreography to the tether, songs written by males, produced and directed by malefic males; the women community silently enjoy them and never question about them being shown in such voluptuous styles; in order to make it beyond doubts, females expose themselves and reflect in action; even authors of standard like Indumathi,sivasankari had become silent; AVM, Vauhini, KB silently follow the footsteps; women mothers weep if their daughters are eliminated in the dance competition after excellent exposures; fathers feel proud about their children, in all kinds of “kuthu”(is it because of this they became kutuadigals?)
Parents of real intelligence, level of sports are ignored and considered a waste in society. Where are we proceeding? QUO VADIS? Is it an INDIAN PRIDE? Can there be a society to raise our fingers and I am willing to lead honestly. I want to catch the progress of CHINA. My country has the highest youth quantum and quality, in the world and I need their potential to lift our status on top of the world. Who can share hands with me? All the ill-gotten money shall plough back into my country and all the right kind of energy shall built this nation. Once it was told that money is not everything; now I would like to emphasize that sex is not everything and wish LEAD KINDLY LIGHT.

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