Thursday, November 29, 2012


                                              IS  IT  A  CHANGE IN SOCIETY?

                        I have a fortune to view the NAHUSHA (a snake in puranas)  falling down head-long  between 1940s to 2012.In other words, how erranuously this Indian society ,where the root of dharma is emmbedded, under went a drastic degradation, in the style of life, taking the adoption of wrong things from the west and at the same time ,ignoring the progressive things from the same place. The responsibility squarely is placed only ,on the wrong money, giving vent to wrong assumed status, developoing their children towards mistic and mystry sectors.
                        There was single earnings, single woman, contented life, conspicuous life style, good technology of progress, responsible elders in all fields, caring for the society and the people, with unsolicited and no-nonsense-publicity contributions. Persons were appreciated for their worth and not for things they do not possess or as super human beings. Eulogism was extinct and pure great souls were considered as ROLL-MODELS. Then and in every era since the world is in existence, there were all factors, which you see today, however that discretion prevailed even among the uneducated in villages, since for ANALYSIS OF MIND EDUCATION IS NOT A TOOL AT ALL. EDUCATION is taking place in this vast university and people are learning for doctorates, unlike todays EDUCATION OF EGO, presuming conclusions of errors.
                        Pain and pleasures were endured; pestilences and perrenial attacks too existed; human needs were there and there were people doing all kinds of round-abouts; good and bad co existed, but never the BAD was creative enough; discipline, conduct, character, cunningness, culpable homiside, treachery, torments, dharma, help, human elements etc  etc did exist ,yet, majority stood by GOOD. THERE WAS CONSCIOUS, INSPITE OF THE GREEDS; THERE WAS REMORSE, IN THE MIDST OF RUMBLINGS AND RANCOURS; The exposure by any agency was well within the lights and frames and there was no over exposures as of today. The world was growing. THEN SUDDENLY INDIA STARTED SLIPPING FROM THAT ATTITUDINAL GROWTH TO DEGRADATION, BECAUSE THERE WERE BAD EXPOSURES, ADVERTISEMENTS, MARKETING, MEDIA TWISTS AND TURNS AND MOVIE MAKERS AND MOVIE IDOLS, WHO IMPLANTED THE WRONG LESSONS TO THE RIGHT PERSONS, AND FROM THAT DAY INDIA IS REELING UNDER ONLY PAINS QUOTES AS OPIUM-STAINED-PLEASURES.

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