Saturday, January 5, 2013

Masculinity of Vivekananda

                     Masculinity of Vivekananda

    It is strange that masculinity of Vivekananda Image described in Hindu as reported written by someone has come to raise another bout. I don't understand. 

           Most malaise and crimes against women have become uncontrollable only because MEN ARE NOR MEN AS CREATED IN VEDIC CULTURE. This remarks are equally applicable to throughout the world according to the system they were modified from barbarism once. PURUSHA AND PRAKRITHI ARE TWO IMAGES OF THE SAME ONE SUPREME AND BOTH THE SEX EVEN IN SCIENCE DO HAVE THE X AND Y CHROMOSOMES, WHERE THE X AND Y ARE WITH THE MEN NOT ONLY FOR PROCREATION BUT ALSO TO BECOME "THAYMANAVAR" OR "ARDHANAREESWARAR". 

            Masculinity which meant the acts of MAHA VISHNU with valour ,confidence and courage to face the turmoil had come to misunderstood for "torturing physically and mentally women, raping  hitting them hard and make women crawl for mercy". Vivekananda represented the dignity of the women as a man ; his folded hands with the sprouting chest teaches me the self-confidence, come what may may to protect the dignity of this society and women. His Guru Ramakrishna Parama hamsa did pooja to the feet of his wife Sarda devi, treating her as sakthi. In the words of "brothers and sisters" and in "ARISE AWAKE ,STOP NOT" VIVEKANANDAR glow in the image of  a real man. Rama is REAL MAN who would have only been read but not seen but the people of this country had witnessed VIVEKANANDAR. Hence in order to cross over the moral weakness and create an image of masculinity  what’s wrong if   VIVEKANANDAR photo is projected? 

              Mostly men became useless creature, especially in the current periods ,only because of imaginary projections of the Media viz PRINT AND VISION. There are moral coaching to show the the character in the natures of men and women. Men have become girlish and women tom-boyish. A boy who invariably marry a lady of younger age, who had gone ahead with the experience of this world than the lady, in the cloak of respect to women , hears to the advice and implement without the realization  or analysis of good and bad, and needs her money for GRANDIOSE OF LIFE. She is forced to add more weight to her roll ,which is already more than the mouthful. The process of habit this manner, makes her totally different. Man thinks he is the lion but never adopts the strength of that LION at all. 

             In my opinion torturing of the women mentally and physically by men is a greater crime , happening to day , than the RAPE.  There shall be punishments to mend the BRUTE AND FOOLISH MEN, and save the SOFT NATURED WOMEN BECOMING HARD CORE. Then men shall be trained right from childhood TO BE A MAN  and not TO BE A VESTED INTEREST SUCKER OF THE BLOOD OF WOMEN. The author and the HINDU are taking the image of vivekananda rather than rajni or kamal hassen or sharuk etc.


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