Friday, July 27, 2012

Random thinking

                   1 When I was talking to my son, he asked me why my comments in Face book are sharp and why I remain quite without any communication, and permit views of others as “LET IT GO”.

                    2   This particular aspect I wish I can elucidate. Intelligence does not come off by Education or theories read or of age alone. Intelligence is an ego factor and places someone assume all-knowing-all-pervading, Maya apparition when one possessed by it, realizes the fault, almost when reaching the end. This is universal, yet an advanced civilization like India is also following suit, which is unfortunate. Every child of a parent, assume that his parent is illiterate and has sense of old and insignificant tradition and he had grown with the high caliber knowledge. Had he thought for a second, such-pre-assumptive parent only, had put him thro a significant stature of his/her ward he would not have presumed such things at all. Especially this would happen to parents and children, of Agriculture to Aristocrat status, undoudedly. Hence such tall order of progress was /is / will be, made possible by VIVEKAM, knowledge of experience. A mother exhibits it very nicely, so daughters repeat it with the understanding for the generations to follow. The negative statement ABOUT THE SONS can well be presumed here.

                     3    Under these kind of high pressure thinking of the current youths, (thinking is always welcome, but meipporul (real truth) kanbadu arivu enbadu (finding alone is intelligence) –if agreed then ”” it’s not as usual old man blurted some non-sense and I have nothing to hear or say about such blabbering””- then current youths shall do soft-pedaling. They should give credence to the” experience of wealth”, for social behavior. There must be patient hearings but decision must be that of the lead, as per precedence and moral obligations. After all where the seniority is mainly adhered to in protocol, why it is forsaken in day to day living?

               4 There are certain hard and fast rules in the world and life. A PRESIDENT of any country cannot be bye passed. A prime minister of any nation cannot be circumvented. Head of the dept and the ministry and office cannot be defied. In Gujarat and Rajasthan, why in North, elders are respected, for the words and deeds, may be these persons, have different convictions. Even today the words of APPATHA are to be delivered. The male head is to lead the family if women-lion fetch the food. The Vedas say it; Upanishads exponent them; text of discipline like Tirukkural say it. But  all morals are well understood by the other half of the world while bright side  is snoring. Certain views are extracted from us and given back for sale. We don’t evince interest in our ancient scriptures and texts, set it aside as not worth even without biting it, nod our heads for splinter shining and go agog and bait thro. As FRANCIS BACON said some are to be chewed; some to be tasted and some to be digested (ON BOOKS), so too wide reading has to be done and truth sifted for analysis and guidance. But most of the youth of this country listen more to brags as fun, bitter taste as finer aspect, accept without thinking and nod to better half who are mainly lesser experienced and lesser knowhow, on the pretext of unison and better understanding.

                 5   Had these CONJECTURES been true why would Tiruvalluar said “EPPORUL YAR YAR VAI KKETPINUM APPORUL MAI PORUL KANBADARIVU”?   Why He would incorporate a chapter, apart from so many two-liners, PERIYARAI THUNAIKODAL”. I CAN QUOTE from VEDAS AND UPANISHADS AND CERTAIN TEXTS FROM PURANAS TOO IN SANSKRIT, Which would have been treated as neem fruit for some.

                  6   All quotes are not right inferences. All carvings are not true on all occasions. All rhythmic observations are like two sides of a coin, what one is food, for another may be poison too. Had any one who gave ideas of pep-up, found it as business for them, since they knew it is not true universally. The question is are  we aware of it?  Receive all but as a cow think well other angles and sift for the better aspect; no doubt they make you think and place you on tracks and you have to choose your path, while you remain a lead, it is your responsibity to raise level. Hence the Tirukkural. EXPERINCES CAN NEVER LIE ONLY IMMATURITY MAKES ONE BOUNCE. I think I contribute a radical thinking. One has to bite or taste or digest as the case may be. Except that there is no other pinch of salt in that.


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