Sunday, February 12, 2012

12th Feb 2012, Neeya Naana vijay TV

Yesterday 12th Feb 2012, Neeya Naana vijay TV program lead me to think where the Tamilnadu, India is progressing.
Women demand their own way or calling it as equality of home chores sharing including Baby raising; on the contrary , women prefer only to husband share but not male children cooking etc, funny. It also reflected the liking as well as bending to husband command to save the family life. Bundle of contradictions.
Why Judges made some mumbo-jumbo words as if Kamal hassen is speaking!
Men are dunce as usual caught between reality of nature and pretending one to be. Man is bold creature who has to protect the family with courage and love with the balanced mind. Family is not as defined in USA but as in India. At the same time he has to have the boldness to declare whosoever he/she may be , that his wife's rights shall be protected as long as she is genuine.There is a difference between man and woman undoudedly. If she crosses the threshold of womanhood she will become a maglomania.
At the same time , she cannot be continuosly insulted and beyond tolerance ,when she,has to take the cudjel to establish the human rights violations. A woman shall draw this line with hardcore quality of patience to see whether any external elements are playing the cards or husband is ignorant but good.
I think valluar calls this as "thinmai" and "karpu"as one wife one husband relation if possible till death separate them. When an elderely speak as non-interference in Gay and lesbian relationship, which is not "mangalam" and not a relationship of health and for proper posterity, and yield to HIV etc, its a psychic problem and society shall take care.
Youth of today cause anxiety, men as coward and women as capricious, except some minority.

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