Sunday, January 29, 2012

Neeya-Naana, Vijay TV Channel dated 29th Jan 2012

Yesterday there was a peculiar topic in Neeya-Naana, Vijay TV Channel as usual making India for another downfall. As Gopi said that even change will undergo change, yet changes are positive progress and not negation inducing down fall of civilizations.
This was regarding the food taste and healthy preparation at the kitchen by women and complaint of men. Basically, cooking is the wealth of women as no one need to teach swimming for fish. Cooking is an involvement, a concentration, rather a yoga. Women are stronger than men ,not by body weight ,as strength is wrongly misunderstood. Its mind game. Generally women were good at it once totally. The downfall started from 1960. Greed is another asset of women which they term as "possessive". The "good possessive" changed to "worse greed" as time passed. That is why now a days you see women of body strength rather than the mental one. The mistake ,rather the error ,started then from the mothers of the current women. There was another greed from men side which also started in the current generation. Money ,quick money by whatever means. There shall always be a justification for such statements. That is price index!.
Can anyone induce the reason for the increasing price structure? Unnecessary money flow in the market. Only when the money is unaccountable (mean both ways) wasteful expenditure occur. Pleasure has been misinterpreted. That’s why one sees the swapping and living together levels in India!. Erroneous food habit including quality, quantity, space, time induce the Rajo and Tamas Guna. It changes the mind from forbearance to steadfast ego. Its told in Bhagavat Gita. Men have lost their manliness and change has to be there for women. Hence the lethargy and least interest to learn, made the women folks to retard. Corporate culture and attractive advertisements hit the nail strong on the real life box.
There is no use raising arguments or claiming or wrongly understanding the equality. Nature is such that process of like and the culmination towards betterments were created in such a manner that brain of women is different from that of men. Mind creates the ego to fall apart, disfiguring the nature. Its as bad as losing the forests and cursing the rain for water. Have you noticed from time immemorial, (leave aside Sanskrit literatures, Natrinai , Kurunthogai etc teach these) agriculturists women folks forming the majority of the populations , were the real working women. The nature and cult of work may be different compared to today, yet the potentials are the same. They did all odd jobs, carried children, cooked and lead a rhythmic life as demanded then. Even five senses do it. But from sixties the education and job-culture gave the wrong directions.
Easy way of life cropped up. However there were at least the majority brought up children so well the current women folks do not have the difficulty. The mod culture t throw away money, for which the culprit is men changed the life style towards western moods. Those who were going thru the turn , never understood either of the Indian or western life. When the quantum of the gullible increase , the low percentage but well exposed western culture came to exist without the the mind to question, for which act the men are reason. Majority of the western house hold even today cook, bring up children with the pattern of love and affection. In the western cult the mod women whose "q" our people take are addressed as "B--------(5 letter word). I heard in a mall i the walkie talkie calling an employee by that word and the lady cursing the manager moving towards his cabin. Thro out the world the respect for ladies are high standard and the women are women whatever country they belong to. Indian women may not be rich once but were rich in respect they received. But today, it could be the western mod women.
Hence women today are only feigning to be weak in mind because men encourage them to do so. Y bringing in the original strength women have the capacity to go back to reduce the diverse rates and if it’s not done cooking may become the cause of losing the territory and the fall could be stronger than imagined, since no woman would take it easy if discarded by her own children, which pride make her a woman. It shall happen sooner than conceived. It should be remembered that all pep up book writers earn thro that book and by the advices they contain. So too women liberators may talk tall for their development yet behaving like women, but the damages created shall be as that of advertisements of corporate today.
It’s a great idea to have a common kitchen .So too will it not be great to have a common women folks for their freedom and for that act alone for both women and men? Who knows Reliance may bring in and we shall accept them. History repeats itself. (30th Jan 2012).

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