Saturday, September 19, 2009

Taming bosses and to win from all angles in all fronts

1 All bosses are always fools, don’t you agree? All employed and otherwise will tend to believe so. The stress brought about on one self and change of plan, target, things to achieve keep changing every day and the objectives are so tough and the competitions are so stiff, the bosses who are learned are not pragmatic. On the other hand, the modern world has subjective indices and need the results immediately after the work. Schedules are more important than the resourceful work. Everybody knows what is what, yet they, the bosses dream not the dream of Mr. Abdul kalam!
2 In these kinds of environments, the real bosses who are less than 5% of the bosses know their job and would suck the honey without the awareness of the flowers, like an efficient tax collector. The rest, who climb the ladder with the fixed qualifications and without the efficiency, want to boss over.
3 The subordinates however strong their knowledge is can be made frustrated since they are sincere workers. The top brass always invariably follow the techniques of learning the best, potential subordinates below only thro the “one down below” which makes the bosses more powerful. Has anyone thought for a moment why people with lower or less knowledge are happier than the brilliants? No. the shallow the thinking process, the more dependent they become on their surrounded colleagues and immediate bosses to run the races from the spots they stand and save their positions. The stressed expose themselves beyond the requirements and suffer the work-syndrome.
4 So it’s clear for those with stress that
A. your knowledge and hard work are trump cards and shall be felt like SUN’S RAYS WHEN SUN RISES and not as a Thunderstorm;
C. Never say “yes” when you know the quantum and quality of the work have to be combined, against the time limit asked for or fixed by the bosses are shorter than the requirements and keep parroting this ratio well expressed to them on every meeting of progress, so that, it’s for the bosses or the managements, to sacrifice the quality or quantity and that become a matter of fact, when the index finger is pointed at you, when three fingers are marking them. The expressions of time factor shall not be the outcome of inefficiency but based on true values, expressed in good terms.
D. Make it a policy to involve the bosses at every step, every stage and at every meeting , so that, the bosses know the levels, as they were once in similar positions and get themselves into helping you to close down the schedule without hitch and without scrapping your review. Also adamant bosses will get caught in the last stages before “their bosses” as the slow down were due to their wrong -directions and no boss would haul you up and AN UPFRONT FEE MAY HAVE TO BE PAID BY HIM. Fools walk into the trap or shy away from you since the bosses never want to expose their shallow weaknesses.
E. You gain a lot from the best 5% who would take his subordinates as a team. Ultimately you gain a lot, sustain your energy, and expose your brilliance only at the appropriate time and level and who knows, most of all, one day you become bosses to be told, as above, in the recycle position. HISTORY REPEATS ITS SELF.
5. As long as you keep your arena clean, YOU STAND TO WIN, FROM WHICH EVER WAY YOU LOOK AT IT when you practice, what is preached. Karmanyevadikaraste ma paleshu kadhchana. When He knows your needs, why do you harass and stress yourself. FEAR IS THE KEY FOR SO MANY PROBLEMS OF LIFE. I THINK THEREFORE I DO EXIST. Think it over and that river will also pass by. Have a nice day
KEYARTAX DT 20/09/09

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