Monday, September 14, 2009


14th sept 2009
Today I saw SLUMDOG MILLIONNAIRE eight Oscar award winner film. I received it in two diabolic situations.
One the film has been well taken and wonders how the film units stepped into such slum areas and shoot the film? The dedication of the work seen in depth. No doubt it got the Oscar.
The way the kids drive themselves into the treacherous world of growth was nicely felt with tears in my eyes. It’s crude. An innocent plant is being crushed by the power, money, hatred, unkind cut and vagaries of the society. They cheerfully endure and grow but the pain is strong and builds into their skin to change into revolution. The greedy persons, the police and the cross section of the elite society exploit them for the vested interests. MAY BE THE PRODUCERS ALSO?
Second, the foreigners always depict the harsh side of our society and find pleasure in exposition! India is different. However it’s our own men for a few dollars more allow greater exposure by fawning and creeding (Poem village teacher)
Three, even the Oscar is wantonly perhaps given to such film to scoff or look down on our country? There are better films elevating the civilization of the country and its culture yet not even recognized for other country entries, why?
It was a mixed feeling. Our religion is exploited basically by 40% exploiting GOD in robes and the other 40% exploit the same as against GOD and the rest suffer silently under the NORM of KARMA. May be
A R Rahman and Rasul Pookkutty could have brought out a fine gesture had they declined the Oscars?!
There are more things on heaven and earth Horatio-Shakespeare

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