Thursday, January 15, 2009


'I was never an outstanding student'
January 15, 2009
How did you score 100 percent? When did you study?" was his mother's reaction when Shanatanu Gangal told her he had scored a perfect 100 percentile at CAT 2008.
Apart from hard work Shantanu thinks luck played a big role on the day (November 16, 2008) CAT 2008 was held. That can easily pass off as Shantanu's humility.
Says the 22 year old who stood 322nd in the IIT-Joint Entrance Exams five years ago, "I was never an outstanding student. I'd always rank anywhere from 15 to 20 in school."
"I am sure scores of other students have the ability to score 100 percentile. I think I was lucky to get it. Others were not," he says about the luck factor.
successby Rajaram on Jan 16, 2009 09:46 AM sanskrit we say "adrishta"; in short "fate'; when dame luck falls on a person, bus conductor and a paper wala become SUPER STARS and then start talking how he did hard work to reach up; every person who speaks the truth would definitely knows how fragile was he or her,anxious, worried without brain,thoghts and yet overnight succeeded by un expected, un imaginable dame luck!!? Its true and fact of life and also show how people are hypocrate!! Our scriptures write this as "POORVA PUNNIYAM" (earlier birthhs' good assets earned). With or withpot hard work, success do come but karma or hard work shall help where even GOD may forget(TIRUKKURAL-TAMIL). But nothing succeeds like success and keep working for that little push, YOU BECOME WHAT YOU THINK

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