Thursday, August 16, 2012


                            POVERTY OR TERRORISM

                 There was an email in desi group regarding the debate organized in SUN TV on 15th Aug 2012, by Solomon Papaiha. The subject was inhibited or retorted progress of the country is either due to POVERTY OR TERRORISM.  The arbitrator decided after for and against argument that IT IS POVERTY. There was pros and cons among the public and some were positive about the terrorism ,striking down the progress.

                 Trimoolar said that NOIY NADI NOIY MUDAL NADI, meaning that, the nomenclature of the disease nust first be known and after that the root cause of the or source of the DISEASE must also be known, to cure effectively. There are so many factors retarding the progress of the country and among the two stated above, TERRORISM is identified as the disease, well then what is its source?

                What is terrorism and who is a terrorist? It is a guerilla warfare hitting any target, irrespective of inanimate or animate revolving around, just for the satisfaction of the pervert ion, vested interests and megalomania and one who follow the instructions and the instructors are terrorists.

                 The cause and execution of the terrorism involve quite a lot of money and therefore money-less cannot even dream of it. Out of frustration money less can do some funny acts, and get caught. However, terrorism has a deep planning and a master mind, involving personality and countries too. What one see normally is the completed action of freezing pathos.

                  It is some kind of comparison to drunkard. To differentiate again, where as drinks and narcotics are two way roads, terrorism is one way point of no return.  Like drunkards terrorist will always find “cause of action” for sustenance. The terrorism finds no end because in that queue always people are recruited and a team of LKG to Ph D s is there. Ph Ds are the money bearers and the LKGs are in the other end. The Ph d s are  REMOTE-CONTROLLERS and the EXECUTIONERS ARE  the poor people hired , exploiting their condition brain washing their condition equating to failure of the GOVERNORS OR ADMINISTRATION OR THE LEADS ETC.

               The exploitations of the poverty of the land using as TOOLS explodes into terrorism. When the tools are available for money, instigated anger, area of the terrorism expands. You may reduce the terrorists but they are climbing the ladder as there is no return back. They must be in the lime light as they have to pay to keep them in hide. There are political hirers too. BUT ALL THEIR PLANS AND EXECUTIONS DEPEND ON THE TOOLS-ARISING OUT OF POVERTY.

              Another angle is also there. Those who HAVE cannot afford to lose in the act of participating in the dastardly acts. POOR has nothing to lose or gain. There is a SAY in Tamil—ROMOVE THE FIRE WOOD WHICH IS HEATING THEN BURNING WILL REDUCE AUTOMATICALLY.   There was a move in the MINISTRY OF FINANCE that MAKE THE EVASION COSTLIER PROCESS, so that evasion will decrease. So too if poverty is changed making them possess which they would not like to lose, then the top Brass will find it to execute, which shall mitigate the terrorism. The root cause of the disease is that viz POVERTY.

            YES, SOLOMON PAPPAIHA IS RIGHT.        

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