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                   I am very happy to be with Aamir program. Pudia thalai murai television survey indicated that  81% of the voters are infavour of the program and against the conduct –in-presenti of the doctors and people respect the service oriented ,even if rich, doctors still exist in this land.
                   Everybody thro out the world, treat the doctors as God because they respect the oath taken at the time of pass out as well as the realization of the human value, defying the peer pressure created over them. It’s always strange in India, that every sector will fleece the community silently and grow in attitude, yet when they are focused, the guilt jump high and low, intimidating the society, whether its uneducated fishermen or erudite Doctors and banks and businessmen.   
                    This is an old truth not only to India but even in western countries. As a matter of fact, as women of India learnt te wrong side of the dressing senses (as usual) so too doctors were induced and got drenched in the showers of the Pharma Industries, and Multi-plex show rooms of business community. Mr. Michael Moore of USA, produces a film called “SICKO”, which shook the medical world. Its contents mutadis-mutandi apply to India too. (In case the writer med student needs a copy I can sent it to him also). No one had filed any case against the sicko film of Michael Moore and don’t even discuss about it as derogatory.  IT IS A FACT UNDISBUTED. The med student needs proof. Can the immorality be video-taped as proof? Does he mean that the emails, face book, media survey and all other vox populi were / are imaginary?  May good doctors’ tribe increase.  Public pray for the good doctors and shall criticize the avarice.
                    There cannot be a union for all good and bad because there is a clan. Doctor’s hangout, a web site blog makes jokes on women without proof and no one had taken cognizance of it. However criticism on the conduct of the doctors will hit them hard because of guilt- conscious and they would need proof.  I have lot of friends doctors who serve the population and I also know avarice ones even if they are pedagogue who taught the oath. Be cool and do your karma consciously enough. Have u seen how doctors behave in USA? Can u discuss (all except some) your diagnosis with the patients? So many doctors do trial and error methods that costs. So many doctors earn for the owners without consciousness. As a matter of fact we have so many doctors who excel in diagnosis and with basic structure do yeoman service to society. Bad has to be detested wherever they are and question of the medical student is not only frivolous but also illogical.
                     It’s a show and where the current discipline of the doctors being discussed, negative aspects alone are needed to be exposed and that is satyameva Jayathe. Its not bias, but this write up of the Med-student may hush up things as if never happened, might be called BIAS.
                      Chastity is advocated for the good of the society, however if that is broken may be that family and similar tribe may perish. When business community views the profit motive as basis, people have recourse to another and another. But if a teacher that too in elementary level foregoes the character, the nation breaks; if motherhood turns otherwise in character the nation brings out forces to reckon with; if doctors are in slumber with indiscipline they are causes of creation of abnormalities in the society. Images of Mother, Teacher and Doctors are worshipped as god, only for that reason. In your words, you say every one flouts why not me too? is IT RIGHT MED-STUDENT?
                        Please forget about who owned, who the bad guys are owning and fleecing etc. Hope you never meant to say because you, studied there, you are loyal to the non-characteristic principle initiated in the program?  If it is not then why you are loyal to the owners of similar kind in super-specialty hospitals? CONTRADICTIONS BECAUSE OF EMOTIONAL THINKING HAVING BEEN STRIPPED, CAN UNDERSTAND. One wrong does not give you right to exploit. I have a clear instance of milking
Rs 10000 in 30 minutes for loss of sound in the voice box and advised for immediate surgery as I have re-imbursement in super specialty Hospital, which was diagnosed by a highly qualified serving for the poor doctor, as due to sinus fluid flow and with warm water usage and without medicine was cured in a week and speaking after that a decade. WHAT DOES IT MEAN AND WHO ARE THOSE?
                          The secret of prescription commission, lab commission even nearby pharmacy perquisites are known to you too. People who enjoy vocation in the international trip are known to me. PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING. I am not talking about the sthitha pragnan doctors who are GOD known to the world. SICKO ALSO DISCUSSES THIS.
                          Occupational hazards cannot justify your actions. No one begged you to pay hefty donations and fee to study MBBS. You did it because what is the loss initially is profit ultimate- a business proposition. The refund of the education cost is contractual obligations and you are free from signing it had u wished to become otherwise. Rural service is entrusted on you because you did the study of human service and not building the bridges and business houses. YOU WISH TO HAVE THE NOOSE AROUND AND THEN ASK WHY I AM HANGED. YOU ARE BEGGING THE QUESTION. If you say all these things as “SO WHAT” then Aamir program said the same thing. Do you feel for the dead body to be removed when there is a plea of no money? NO. The inhuman treatment does not move you. The hardship of the society does not move you. The lack of knowledge and its consequences do not move you. You are moved about Tuticorin and Chennai hospital incident which are stray- as Rail accident occur occasionally. It is disheartening but never justify your act. During surgery a flap or scissor is kept inside which does not move you. It is old story happening now and then. My aunt in Kalyani hospital in 1940-50 died with scissor inside after delivery and we never frowned. It is sad both ways but cannot hold the public to ransom.  Do u know the sanitary workers touch and clean the areas and do they not work hard in your hospital? What do yo u pay them and how do u treat them?
                It’s a fact that patients are used as Guinea pigs for pharmaceuticals , do you deny it? It came in media 5 star tv channel. How the reading range of blood sugar fasting went down to 80-100 from 100-120? To sell medicine and who aided them? You say there are some doctors. If you had known them why you did not whistle? If some politicins or executives are corrupt don’t u? How many Govt doctors have paid bribes for place of postings to carry out the established practice? From where that big chunk of money come from? How can one produce proof ? only from personal knowledge and does it not happen? Doctors shall earn, every one, and its accepted as long as the walking stick shall not be swing to hurt the person ahead or behind. All accept the weakness in every field but wants to remain united like well-frogs. However certain fields are solemnized and king can do wrong but not GOD.
                 Come out show your element . Public had never missed to respect you pl remember. One thing I wish to say there are codes and ethics unwritten It shall be followed. I had seen the best surgeons both gent and lady with drinking and pethadine habits, will you consciously support it? If you want to be a teacher you shall be a roll model, have you not said this. Once somebody decides to go about right and left let them become butcher. No One can have the cake and eat it too. DOCTORS AND MONEY HAVE BECOME COMPLIMENTARY THAN THE DOCTORS AND SERVICES @ 60:40. HOSPITAL HAS BECOME AN INDUSTRY THAN SERVICE SECTOR. MICHAEL MOORE HAD PICTURISED IT AND NO ONE RAISED THE VOICE BECAUSE ITS AMERICAN. BUT MUTADIS MUTANDE IT FITS INDIA TOO.

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