Sunday, October 2, 2011


There was a conversation on the positive thinking and acting for progressive life. My friend was assertive that nothing goes beyond karma or fate written already. Life is not Jinga lala, as some advertisement says. Hence only the best never rises up. On the contrary, the one at the bottom makes surprise upcoming. Politics and the cine-field is one such.
2 Can it be denied? No. Its truth. Every conscious knows the cause of its success or failure genuinely. However, for outside world, the tongue elaborately twists the causes. Well. Human live unabashedly. Hypocrisy thy name is human factor. Then can we close at it? Can one however hard the truth may be, if he sits with folded hands, will survive? You may say that if his fate is to die like that then? O K. Is it life solution or meaningful life?
3. Stress is a greater subject from then till now. Stress keeps the body and the mind tied down without the movements. Sat chit anandam is the truth and the worldly happiness is Maya, as seen in scriptures. However melancholy is not welcome which mars the sustenance and the actions of life. Opposite of stress is the action and the action is the Karma. The first stress counselor was Lord Krishna and he counseled the Bhagavat Gita, for the stressed man Arjun.
4. Gita is the stress reliever book, whereas as we read the commentary of the westerner for Vedas, so do we read a lot of the western thoughts on stress. Don’t we?
5. Karma is written already and is an absolute truth and stress is equally unwanted also. Then does it not say that the life comprises of certain” uncertain truth “and also “leads kindly light” to lead a righteous, resounding path, knowing fully well the uncertainty. That’s the route of the “sthitha pragnan” or normal mans path-drive starting from the zero velocity to the unlimited.
6. The cause of the stress is inaction, indecisiveness, and imbalance. Arjuna was under duress and the Himalayan stress made him forget who is he? He forgot to pursue the required routine action. Why? He thought that he shall be killing his close relatives, Guru, Grand parents, brothers etc which according to him presumed as immoral activities bringing him disrepute, displeasure in the society and a forbidden act.
7. These tantrums made him forego his duty for which he was born here. He felt that the destiny will operate in case he is justified—written already. He threw his weapons, and remained without action.
8. He was lucky. His theory of G O K (god only knows) was modified by G by issue of a G O in 700 plus counseling, stressing GOK and Arjuna at last O K ed it.
9. Arjun had the authority only to act continuously, without the expectations of the result. What kind of action? Mere acting for the sake? No. Active participation to the best of his ability and right attitude. He has to remain unmindful of the results. He was born to work, act and motivate others to act. Acting without purpose? Acting without aims? Acting without a goal? No. Everyone is born to do his duty-for the purpose for which he is driven to act. That is written according to the karma-balance sheet.
10. When each single cell is splitting, when the five senses are always in actions, how the six senses creature can remain inactive, shifting the blame on fate? It’s not a pep-observation. It’s true. When the human architecture knows that the matter can neither be created nor be destroyed, how the action can result in success or failure of which he is frightened about. Everything existed before and all things will continue to exist and the action can only be progressive and definitely not be vice-versa. How?
11. All actions have equal and opposite reactions, viz reaction is also an action. Matter may change shape; matter can be positive for few and negative in appearance for many. Many positive when totaled remain positive and many negatives end positive ultimately (Maths). Therefore intensified actions would result in positive frames only at the end of the tunnel, only expectations of the fruitions spoil the sport. Ends justify the means.
12. Therefore why should you act or work for the fruition? After all fruition is only a short goal towards long achievements not within the frame work of the human constitution. Set a goal and step forward and be progressive in every step of action. There is no disappointment. All are written but what is written is known only at the end of the tunnel and not before. You are not action but you are a tool to act and the duty of the sthitha pragnan is even though written, does not produce stress. If there be the pain cry –this is another action. In pleasure laugh it away—this is another action. But arise, awake and stop not, that’s what Vivekananda said for the same reason of action. Again like westerner it’s not a pep-writing, YAYEVAM VEDA, it’s true.
13. Deivathar agadeninum muyarchi
Mei varutha cooly tharum. –Tirukkural.
Action not only avoids stress but even assuming that GOD failed to reward, yet the concentrated, focused action, shall be justified appropriately. He also said that those who act non-chalantly and progressively with a purpose may defeat the fate. Gita takes it from multiple Upanishads and they in turn take them from Vedas. Active karma a matter is indestructible, so one need not seek them; active karma changes shape as Karma of the past tied to the soul with which one is born, and continues its travel, as per Karma –which is written already.
14. Hence no one can escape karma at presenti as well as the karma of the past, accounted for, which automatically renders into results of the future, which one has to take by course of action that one shall think and act ,not as kartha-real, but as Kartha-tool. Then there is no stress, strife or stampede. One is on the conveyor belt where action and reaction shall modify into further action and reaction which are Dharmic-results. Belt is not under one’s control but one has to react with the action of the belt.

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