Saturday, September 25, 2010


Wrong usage of the word FAITH WHEN TALKING ABOUT
I HEAR words like AANMEEKAM, FAITH, CULTURE, when talking about the God and Religion. It’s said that aanmeekam is not about god or any particular religion, but one that is UNIVERSAL and leading to HUMAN PEACE. As becoming sanyasi became a profession to earn, so too, the preachers felt like earning more with their tongue, and coined a non-existent term, to hook all in single stoke and to hoodwink, the gullible praying on such models.
How do you conduct and teach AANMEEKAM without the fundamental base of religious texts? All paths have been found from one source called the SANATHANA DHARMA, FROM INDIA. Hinduism is a fallacy coined by the British and a separate cult called the Hindus were born-out, to distinguish the Christianity. Vedas, Upanishads etc are the constitution of the sanathana dharma, and said that those were born on this earth are the Hindus as termed or created by the British. Its universal and can fit to any atmosphere, location, people and periods. Sanathana means neither a beginning nor an end, known to the human frails. Hence Greeks took it, Jews followed it, Budda modified it, Christ explored and explained it, Islam and Parsi, and Jain floated riders of Maths.
In a sense aanmeekam is sanathana dharma or Hindu religion (erroneously described as). Hence the way of life of those born is the DHARMA which is SANATHANA; AND CONTINUES TO HOLD FOREVER. Aanmeekam is a wrong nomenclature used by the profiteers. Faith is another term like this. Action is born with the lives on earth. Action is embedded to oneself. So too sanathana dharma. Some may have less action some may have more. God is light and universal and as sanathana dharma is shaped to once taste and will, as different religion, so too, god’s shape vary to act with the convenience of the holder. Faith is a mock belief in a thing, and faith change like kids change the toys. TRUTH IS UNIVERSAL AND CANNOT GET ALTERED AND REMAIN CONSTANT AND CONSISTANT.
Sanathana dharma is TRUTH. All other religions are FAITH. All faiths shall converge only towards the TRUTH. Future India at least for a decade, shall in habitat, the YOUTHS, and they shall understand the truth of India and follow. ARISE, AWAKE AND STOP NOT.

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