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My comments K RAJARAM IRS
Tolerance as advocated and practiced faithfully in India, by REAL INDIANS, is not at all tolerable. Vedas and Upanishads prayed to deities for valour and courage and preached for tolerance ,humbleness and precinct qualities.
1. Kritha, theratha yugams had people who had lot of space and grace, respect for other human and bovine elements. There were battles unsettling the peace and still practiced Tolerance to a greater extent as long as they were not tortured or dislocated. Or else they might not have prayed for help from Gods for protection and arms to defend. Culture was maintained and so tolerance; when peace and living were disturbed either they fought or got themselves displaced.
2. Dwapara yuga was little different There were rudness depicted; women were molested and suppressed; learned were insulted and tortured; wealth was plundered; greed for other man’s assets were a plenty.That is why MAhabaratha was exposed. There in Bagavat gita, Lord Krishna advocated to Arjuna (which is interpretable as between God and Man or Paramatma and Jeevathma) , that NEVER ASSUME THAT YOU ARE KILLING; ITS DHARMA TO TAKE GANDEEPAM AND PROTECT IRRESPECTIVE OF RELATIONS OR FRIENDS, WHEN GREED FAR EXCEEDS; ITS KARMA AND IN THAT PROCESS YOU CANNOT PLAN FOR FRUITION; LORD GETS ALL THE ACTIONS AND ENSURE ACTIONS AS LONG AS DHARMA IS PROTECTED. Tolerance had a limitation till Krishna asked for atleast 5 houses.
3. Now you are in Kali yuga. No doubt Tolerance is still a virtue. How ever Dharma is slayed every time ,every where in all surroundings, with all community. Its not in the nature of human rights that violence is used as a tool. Husbands behave like ruffians with Malais with their married wives, men insult women hood; sons desert parents; sisters are humiliated; women exceed their nature against menfolks; business community think clients are their prey; income earning by hook or crook is taken as intelligence; professionals fleece clients without service and without necessity; Govt under the cloak of politicians assume their kingmanship and power for self-gratification and in that process treat public for a worm; executives are paid for their service from both employer and the purpose of employement; People use the tools of caste ,creed, state, language etc for their achjevements of greed. LIMITATIONS OF TOLERANCE ,IN MY OPINION ALONE ,HAD ENCOURAGED ALL THE VIOLATORS TO COME SO FAR.
4. In short TOLERANCE may be argued as the weapon of GANDHIJI which alone brought us our Independence. It cannot be totally denied. How ever History should be re-read to see that there were wars on a/c of lack of Dharma, by Bose, KAttabomman, sivagangai, martyers all over India who were shedding their blood in spite of initial tolerance practiced. India was plundered and there is nothing more in the pot. It took 200 years a very long time ti achieve. Hence Gandhi,s tolerance postponed the independence and made people docile. Its similar with Nelson Mandela in south Africa. History had always taught that whenever the stay is hot and there is no thing in return to continue, rulers withdrew.
5. On the contrary Zapata achieved the rights for Mexicans in war beyond tolerance. Israel a tiny nation distinguishes the limitations of tolerance and the fight for right. Burma threw off the british after a limitation but Gandhian Principles practiced by Su Ki had spoiled the economy of the country as well as dragged more than 3 decades. Incidentally, Su ki’s father was a general in achieving freedom from British!
6. Kural spoke “Porutharku ponrum thunaiyum pugazh” and at the same time in the same adikaram “PORAI” he had said “Mikudian seidarai than thagudial venru vidal”—in other words Gita Principle is repeated. Limitations and action are the two sides of the TOLERANCE COIN. That is why Bharathi said to Kids (PAPPA) avar mugathil umizhndu vidu—modi midithu vidu- as lessons for docile long tolerant elders. WAY OF DHARMA IS A TWO EDGED WEAPON ACTION AND TOLERANCE.

TOLERANCE and a few observations from my college friends.
Your classic on tolerance certainly brought back my own memories of my late father. All his life he was a sales person tolerating foolish customers and obnoxious bosses. But at home, he had very little tolerance for less than perfect Rice Pongal or slightly colder coffee. The only exception I had noticed to this is my former neighbor – a woman executive at AT&T. At work she was a terror to her sub ordinates as having very little tolerance but at home she put up with a lot of shit from her husband !! I wonder if has an explanation for this. rom: guindy62@yahoogroup s.com [mailto:guindy62@
We are the most tolerant people.
Yes, we tolerate very many things that many from other countries may not. Our biological system has become immune to so many pollutants. I drive a motorcycle that does not pollute, but I can follow a lorry, which belches Carbon monoxide fumes running on kerosene. I can drink the metrowater circulated through contaminated pipeline. My digestive system is tuned to accept this. I relish the roadside fast food, heated in many-times recycled oil: may be with minimum stomach discomfort.
The other day I was standing in a queue to book train ticket. A lady standing before me was permitting all her friends to go before her breaking the queue. Since she was lady none opened their mouth. Then came a tough looking guy who walked directly to the counter and bought his ticket. No one moved. Tolerant.
The public bus, which has to stop at designated place, never does it.
We run after it .We buy the ticket from the conductor after accepting his abusive words for not giving correct change. Still tolerant
The computer takes so much time to boot up, we patiently wait.
Internet connection, obtained after many attempts, just conks off displaying; "the site is not available". Still we keep trying.
The expensive equipment that you buy fails. We go after the agent to repair it. We listen to all the stories he tells as to how we should have handled it. At the end we own up our mistake and pay hefty amount to repair the same.
We who tolerate all this, cannot tolerate when the morning coffee is a little late or when it is not as hot as it should be. Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hyde.
There is a limit for toleration.Ouside it is 90% and at home 10%.

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