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Total Accounting—Holistic Accounting

When religion ruled all thought, when nature was God, God actually was one’s physical brain, part of one’s anatomy. God was nature. The Sun, the Moon, Rains, winds, Clouds, Floods, Cyclones..., every phenomenon of nature was God’s communication. God was part of the internal hormonal communication. Faith was the totally internalized physiology. Belief was part of one’s body. In fact, belief was the acknowledgement that one’s body was not limited to the visible 3D shape, but actually extends to one’s macro body as the extension to God. Theism was part of nature, not one’s belief. Like the Sun, the Moon, the Earth under one’s feet..., God too was felt as nature. Mother Earth, Bhoodevi, or the Goddess Gaia could not be wounded. Even today where nature is systematically not poisoned and destroyed in the name of economic development, one feels knowledge as continuous enlightenment and flow of understanding unhindered by the various meaningless formulae of mathematical reductionism and mathematical deductionism. Nature gave health, and every plant was a wonderful instant curing medicine, and those plants do not destroy the entire underwater table, soil and air which one sees in the big pharma cities.

 In those days, even when one wanted to be an atheist, it simply was impossible as God was there clearly as so many God’s phenomena continuously impacted one’s life. Faith was not cultivated; it was part of life, part of every micro second of the thought flow, part of the brain.

       As one living under the ever-watchful eyes of God, everyone obeyed the rules of the barter, contributed to the society as one’s duty to God, and the society in return gave one’s needs as God’s bounty. The Temple priest, or the church and the king or lord of the manor or the village elder, administered the faith-based barter economy. Customs, traditions, the sense of belonging due to the total acceptance by the society of the individual, made the barter economy sacred. Ecology and Psychology were part of the neurons in action.

The temple priests looked at the heavens to feel and not to analyze or bring some mathematical calculation. He had to keep his mind free from all negative drives, to feel nature in the right way.

Today we are all atheists, even those that assert that they believe in God because they have logiced. Theism and science can never go together. We are continuously creating new and new gadgets, to eliminate God from our daily lives. For every organ, there is a machine substitute that performs the work of the organ, including one’s brain which today is actually discarded by the employment of computers. As we do not need nature, including our own organs, we do not need God. But we are killing the biosphere, making nonsense of the ecosphere and killing ourselves, the entire thing euphemized as economics.

In the place of the automatic tradition-based barter, we have the sciences of marketing, selling, advertising, publicizing, opinion moulding, dazzling, bluffing, cheating by emphasizing only on the so-called positive points and making the people ignore the negatives...all customized frauds.

In the gigantic flood of atheism, where many self-fool themselves that they believe in God, God is trying to survive in Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras...

    The atheist’s accounting system, the double entry book keeping has to be detoxified from its trader-centralism. The books of original entry or the subsidiary books must be increased in number. There need to be subsidiary books, to cover ecology, the biosphere, the atmosphere, the individual Morales, the society and the trader-centric usual books. From all these subsidiary books, postings of course are made into the ledgers, and the list of ledger balances at the end of the year—the trial balance, must give the debit and credit balances of ecology, biosphere, atmosphere, morale, society and of course the trader interests.

The very word profit has to be abandoned; it must be substituted by the word service.



A nice argument for the preservation of nature.  Nature is matter part of Purusha, termed as Prakrithi. Its like canvass or precondition for the action or karma or work.  Matter is extended and rescued and sucked back by the purusha, hence there is no creation at all; all were in existence where the existence of purusha along with the matter or Prakriti, existed, therefore ADVAITHAM. If matter is different from Purusha then there are more than one, hence dwaitham. In dwaitham its creation and therefore west believed its 1st time and Madwa thought its 28th time; so God was thought to be inaccessible. Then human is distanced from God and dvaithis hurt the nature which is also distanced from human.  Dvaitham taught selfishness as existence of more than one, which is MANY, and preservation of body and nature were neglected. The Rishi Kapilar in order to ease the negativity of the reach of GOD, devised Purusha as Brahmam which split into Purusha and Prakrithi with the 25 elements as nature. This was termed in B G as SANKYA YOGA. This was derailed by Buddha and Ramanujar as NIRVANA AND VISISHTADVAITHAM.   West British termed the origin of Sanskrit or SAMSKRITHAM emanated from PRAKRITHAM.  Kritha is doing or done; pra is pre; sams is well; something pre-existing turned as samskritham was the baseless find of the west. Virtually, Sanskrit said it as, spoken language and written language -terming in Sanskrit -as Prakritham and samskritham.  All languages have that distinction. English spoken is not that will be written unless its dialogue contemplated in a story or novel.  West always thought that all languages should have been spoken first and then made civilized for the writing. That will help postponing the the gap between the civilization of India from Greek in which ultimately succeeded, with the help of the Indians themselves, who were ruled and given for such Rao Bagadur etc.  It will also help to term the Vedas as Myths by many authors, including the WENDY DONIGER LIKE.  The ancient verse of Brahmam gave the Vedas to Brahma and so on in Sanskrit were belied. But Moses gave the 10 commandments, was accepted by all including Indians.  ONE WHO BELIEVES IN ONENESS WILL RESPECT THE NATURE AS PER SANATHANA DHARMA, THE PATH WAY AND NOT THE RELIGION, AS TERMED BY THE England . Since atheism was brought in by the science of the west, Hiroshima was destroyed and nature was grounded and so GOD; the outbreak is agnosticism, [ Thomas Henry Huxley coined the word agnostic in 1869,], "Spiritual but not religious" (SBNR), also known as "Spiritual but not affiliated" (SBNA), and many more. Nature worship is often considered the primitive source of modern religious beliefs and can be found in theism, pan-entheism, pantheism, deism, polytheism, animism, totemism, shamanism, paganism.  VEDA RESPECTED EVERY NATURE AND SPECIE AS VAYU, INDRA, VARUNA, AGNI, ADITI, DITI, SO ON SO FORTH, whereas, science simply misused the science to destroy as if it can create. Net result is today's perplexity. Mind and heart is  pragmatic know-how and emotion or husband and wife. Mind tending to heart is seeking the Jeevatma as realization. Science pulled them both off and tending to lot of diverse and misbehaviour due to mis-conceptions. IN SHORT, NATURE CANNOT BE PROTECTED WITHOUT WORSHIP OF ALL -A MYTH FRAMED BY THE WEST, MUST BE BROKEN. K R   dated the 2nd March 2019

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              MANAGEMENT GURU --“EXECUTION” DT 10th Feb. 2013

   1    I happen to read the book written by LARRY BOSSIDY & RAM CHARAN. Both have 35 to 40 years of experience in many layers of management of USA Industries.

    2    Almost a decade would have been over I think, since Industries introduced the concept of STRATEGIC PLANNING. Accordingly the recent belief lay in EXECUTION, apart from other old management concepts. We were / are borrowing ideas from west on the theory of management of Industry, however though we do have eminent Institutes and teachers in India. I think I don’t remember what was available before, THE MANAGEMNET BY OBJECTIVE. The professional management in private, Public and Govt, started with MOB.

  3  When profit was reasonable concern, and services were real concern, MOB were implemented with right orientations. OBJECT was defined from profit to quality.Competions were healthy and public not only knew the business organizations but also were aware of the management officials and directors, EXECUTING THE OBJECT OF IT.

  4   Then came the west theory of marketing strategy. There was high pitch fever in the market. Advertisements became the life line. Public were forgotten; practices on ethics flew away; profit became the Mantra; rather a tight do or die policy became a floater; Personnel were never known to people or press ,since “how many kings came in and got fired in the board meeting “ went beyond control. There was VERTICAL GROWTH WITHOUT HORIZANTAL FOUNDATION. It was Darwin world in Industry, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

   5  Now the stages of management operations have reached a stage, where, the analysis of the top US companies, lead to a conclusion that, the inevitable MANAGEMENT GURU is EXECUTION-STRATEGIC. Every methods adopted had only measured, COST-PER-MAN-HOUR in its plants, but had no companywide measure for real productivity.  Hence the need for EXECUTION and the failure understand and practice execution, negates all that were learnt so for. Though in knowhow, neglected and had to face the firing of the board. For example because the DELL COMPUTER changed the execution to MADE-TO-ORDER only, could increase the profit, by reduction of inventory. Execution is discipline.

     6   How execution is different from prior management theories? The CEO convenes the conference to analyze thread bear, the plan of projection, activity and planned periodical achievements;   The allocations are made down below, for certain pattern of reporting, under the belief that ,having explained the plan of action must win; then why CEOs lse their jobs?; because it shall be followed up closely, making alterations then and there ,if so needed; IT IS NOT WATCHING FROM THE TOWER THE GAME, BUT LEADING INFRONT AND PLAY THE GAME. CEO has to and in turn, all below to down under, move together as a team, to win. There shall be a check whether or not the plan is understood and EXECUTED as needed. Reward the doers; expand the personnel capabilities thro coaching; and KNOW THYSELF—are the mantra of execution. Under execution,  THE JOBS ARE NOT DELEGATED, BUT PALAYS THE GAME OF CHESS , BY PICKING THE RIGHT TOOS AT THE RIGHT PLACE, WHERE TOOL IS ALSO PEOPLE. Plan of review in all levels is not the track records of the reviewed, but the deliverance of the commitments, on each project. 

     7  The process is

 (1) Making the link with strategy and operations. (Planning for short, mid and long term objectives.)

 (2) Developing the leadership pipe line thro continuous improvement, succession depth, and reducing retention risk. (Performance and Talent review of personnel over execution of commitments, on various years and projects and not just the countable track records.)

(3). Dealing with Non-performers. (Counting the merits and demerits of the performer and evaluating according to  the preponderance of probability of increasing the potential by corrective methods deployment.)

(4)  Linking HR to business results. ( It is not computer based review, but analysis of one to one process of correction and rejection from the existing to another or exiting, on basis of opportunities. )

The fittings of the right people for the right jobs are evolved out of and the success rate is optimized.

    8  So there is only one question of HOW to make the strategic plan? If SP satisfy the status of

1 Assessment of external environment.

2 understanding the existing customers.

3 understanding the current markets.

4 Best ways for the growth of profit against the obstacles to growth.

5. The study of the competitions

6. Capability of the business o evolve and execute he strategy

7 Balancing of the short and long term projects

8. The markings of the mile stones for the objective.

9 Evaluating the critical issues already in store.

10 Sustainability of making money.( taking into account pricing at different levels, cost factor, working capital, revenue increase, investments, competitors strategy)

                      9   Does it end here? NO, few more reviews and questioning the strategy is ultimate.

1     How well the units of business well understood the plan and the competition, in and out.

2     How strong is the organizational capacity to execute the strategy?

3     Is the plan scattered or focused sharp?

4     Are we choosing the right ideas?

5     Are the connectivity with the people and the operations clear?


      10   So one can understand that “commitment to work’, “sincerity of purpose’ and team work by a good lead”     are termed as EXECUTION. Also this theory would apply mutadis-mutandi to Individual efforts also. The management faces and phases do keep changing, but one thing is certain, THERE IS NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN. At the same time,  also to remember, Bhagavat  Gita management theory MAIN—DO YOUR JOB WITHOUT THE EXPECTATION OF THE FRUITION. 

      11 Also The west is rolling out properties ,which were known even in TIRUVALLUAR PERIOD. “Idanai ivan mudikkum endroindhu adhanai avan kan vidal”;  “Ulluvadellam Uyarvullal”; “Enni thuniga karumam, thunindapin ennum enbadhu izhukku”----SO MANY CAN BE QUOTED UNDER MANAGEMENT THEORY.Is there any better management book than GITA?

K RAJARAM     IRS          




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Masculinity of Vivekananda

                     Masculinity of Vivekananda

    It is strange that masculinity of Vivekananda Image described in Hindu as reported written by someone has come to raise another bout. I don't understand. 

           Most malaise and crimes against women have become uncontrollable only because MEN ARE NOR MEN AS CREATED IN VEDIC CULTURE. This remarks are equally applicable to throughout the world according to the system they were modified from barbarism once. PURUSHA AND PRAKRITHI ARE TWO IMAGES OF THE SAME ONE SUPREME AND BOTH THE SEX EVEN IN SCIENCE DO HAVE THE X AND Y CHROMOSOMES, WHERE THE X AND Y ARE WITH THE MEN NOT ONLY FOR PROCREATION BUT ALSO TO BECOME "THAYMANAVAR" OR "ARDHANAREESWARAR". 

            Masculinity which meant the acts of MAHA VISHNU with valour ,confidence and courage to face the turmoil had come to misunderstood for "torturing physically and mentally women, raping  hitting them hard and make women crawl for mercy". Vivekananda represented the dignity of the women as a man ; his folded hands with the sprouting chest teaches me the self-confidence, come what may may to protect the dignity of this society and women. His Guru Ramakrishna Parama hamsa did pooja to the feet of his wife Sarda devi, treating her as sakthi. In the words of "brothers and sisters" and in "ARISE AWAKE ,STOP NOT" VIVEKANANDAR glow in the image of  a real man. Rama is REAL MAN who would have only been read but not seen but the people of this country had witnessed VIVEKANANDAR. Hence in order to cross over the moral weakness and create an image of masculinity  what’s wrong if   VIVEKANANDAR photo is projected? 

              Mostly men became useless creature, especially in the current periods ,only because of imaginary projections of the Media viz PRINT AND VISION. There are moral coaching to show the the character in the natures of men and women. Men have become girlish and women tom-boyish. A boy who invariably marry a lady of younger age, who had gone ahead with the experience of this world than the lady, in the cloak of respect to women , hears to the advice and implement without the realization  or analysis of good and bad, and needs her money for GRANDIOSE OF LIFE. She is forced to add more weight to her roll ,which is already more than the mouthful. The process of habit this manner, makes her totally different. Man thinks he is the lion but never adopts the strength of that LION at all. 

             In my opinion torturing of the women mentally and physically by men is a greater crime , happening to day , than the RAPE.  There shall be punishments to mend the BRUTE AND FOOLISH MEN, and save the SOFT NATURED WOMEN BECOMING HARD CORE. Then men shall be trained right from childhood TO BE A MAN  and not TO BE A VESTED INTEREST SUCKER OF THE BLOOD OF WOMEN. The author and the HINDU are taking the image of vivekananda rather than rajni or kamal hassen or sharuk etc.


Thank u   K RAJARAM    IRS     


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             I am posting this for information sake. The author Mahavir Sanglikar
has generally an negative tilt towards Sanskrit. Interestingly even
the comments received are mostly praising Sanksrit.

             What The Great Scholars Said About Sanskrit Language?

Osho on Sanskrit

     Great scholars of Indology, linguistic and history have written their
bold opinions about Sanskrit language in their scholarly works. Here
are some of the quotes by by them regarding Sanskrit Language.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a great social reformer of 18th century. He was
a scholar of linguistics and religions. He had translated Upanishids
in Bengali language.
       He says: Sanskrit language is so difficult to learn that you will have to give your whole life for it, and even then you would not get much knowledge from it.

Saint Tulasidas was a scholar of Sanskirt, but he always wrote in
Hindi. It is interesting to know what he says about Sanskrit:
     My language (Hindi) is an earthen pot filled with ambrosia, while
Sanskirt is a pot of gold filles with poison.

Kabir, the great saint of medieval India says that
       the languages of masses are flowing water, while Sanskrit is a puddle of stagnant water

Osho, the great philosopher says:
     Sanskrit was never a spoken language. It was artificial code language created by Brahmins who needed a language unknown to the masses.

Famous historian Bhaskar Rao Jadhav writes in his Marathi book
'Marathe Aani Tyanchi Bhasha' (Marathas and Their Language):
       The name of any language is kept on the people who speak that language. There were no people named Sanskrit, and their was not a region or country that was known as Sanskrit.

Another historian and authority on Indus valley civilization Advocate
P R Deshmukh says,
         To highlight the difference between the language of masses and Sanskrit, Vedics created grammar and rules.

Renowned historian and the author of 'Buddhist India' Rhys Davids says
about ancient India:
                           Nobody from Taxila to Champa was speaking in
Sanskrit, but a type of Pali language was speken everywhere'

Professor Sham Sundar Das says in his book 'Hindi Bhasha Ka Vikas',

          'Realizing that the language of the indigenous people is affecting
their language, Aryans cultured and separated their language, but many
words which were adopted from native languages remained in Sanskirt as
they were.'

Abe Carrey, a Christian missionarry in India learned Sanskrit as he
was informed that there was a lot of knowledge in that language.
     But he found that it was unreal, so he said: There is nothing but pebbles and stones in Sanskrit language.

B. N. Nayar, author of Dynamic Brahmins says:
      Sanskrit was never a spoken language, it was just a cultured form of Prakrit language.

There are many other quotes by other great scholars, but I think it is
enough to give the idea about the reality of Sanskrit langauge

-Mahavir Sanglikar


Dear all and Mr. Venkat

               I have no belief in quotes generally, right from the age of 8 or 9. I used to read "tamilvanan's" "kalkandu magazine" as a kid. There he wrote an historical article titled,"veera pandia katta bomman kollaikkarana?'. Till then I had an idea that he is a freedom fighter against British and had a kind of regard for him. Tamilvanan quoted from various authors, west in majority, which depicted him as a thief only. Around 15 years I became a student member of Connemara Library, Chennai. Out of curiosity, I read those referred books of Tamilvanan in that article. I was surprised to find that al quotations went in right manner only praising him; they were expressions of "never", 'negative comments some denied" "people thnk as', 'some writers write or think as" and so on. They were pre-fixed or suffixed. Both were removed and the lines in between were quoted giving a false impression. He was living in T Nagar near to my home and close to my friend's house. I met him and asked sharply. He coolly said that "see, it made u a reader'. Hence vested interest, Brahmin hatred, biased quotes are not to be present. It is same as Kk telling today that Brahmins tortured and controlled people; even today I can’t understand how 2% of the population with all the tough enforced codes ,could do that?

                          Generally values are assumed as correct, on the basis of the words of wisdom as named and fanned by a few, which spread like fire, as I believed first Kalkandu. It is called the "herds' instinct ", by Fraud. Till today Maxmuller is being praised for his services along with the Sir William Jones, Justice Calcutta in 1800+; however letter of Maxmuller to his wife as to how he betrayed the virtue for few ponds " reveal the intensity. But for the obvious reasons even today people speak high of Max. Science inventions are also we take as we read which by a few is changed later. Why, even Vivekananda a gret saint had abused by harsh words the KASI PUNDITS. What I learnt is there are motives for even the well learned to speak in biased manner and we have to sift what we read, by questioning and understanding. These kind of humiliations are thrown across in many books of the west, which were never rebutted or corrected, except a handful, because we are not research oriented authors but plagiaries and write a couple of books over night.


                    Sanskrit means well made or created. There was prakrithm as historians twist. Pali, prakrithm etc came from Sanskrit. Hindi and all other languages came from Sanskrit and it is not an indo-European community as written and now being deferred also. It is a pity we believe that it is difficult and not a spoken language of the masses. Before the writing it was spoken language of the masses and sruthis were devolved out of it. Sankarar, santhosha and so many words of "san" or "sum" mean, "Well". Its grammar and vocabulary are perfect, it is now said that well suited for language of computer. The roots of these words have speared ahead in Tamil, English and so many languages of the world. Even today men of poverty in a karnataca village speak fluently which was shown in TV. Language,

                      Locations, regions, nationality etc have become so patriotic, the mass pronounced into new findings. Buddhism and Jainism were spread to mass only in Sanskrit; those scholars have made quite a blow by inserting similar style verses in the puranas .WE SHALL NOT DENY SIMPLY BECAUSE WE DONT KNOW IT. My knowledge of Sanskrit is only school level but by going thru texts and dictionaries I could understand better. Two years course in central Govt is enough to expand and learn further. After all we are able learn Chinese and Japanese, French and German. German is tough for the learner but easier had u known the Sanskrit sounds. Miltonic simile is well made but those who had read kalidasa would find that IT WAS HERE LONG AGO Those who deny god or say agnostic or even SAT , have not known or tried to go delve deep into. Half baked knowledge raised so much criticism and by HERDS INSTINCT we simply believe. KARKA KASADARA KATRA PIN NIRKA ADARKU THAGA.

                     SO MANY oshos, SREES, acharyas, so on so forth have come and gone and forgotten. This is karma Boomi as well as a nation of INGRATITUDE, who forgot even MAHATMA GANDHI. This is a nation which ignores the real wealth ofprogress but relies on west and flounder to the abysm. I feel that by any one's words or deeds, mine and you, this culture can never be destroyed but the roots shall remain then and there, to sprout out at the appropriate times. Sorry if I have caused a perturbence.



Please see its so simple to understand but a book of 500 pages can also be written on this verse because Sanskrit teaches so deep.

Thank u sirs. K Rajaram IRS



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                              PRACTICE OF NITHYA KARMAS

Dear all

                     It makes quite an interesting feature. Our MAHA PERIAVA AND THE VARIOUS MUTTS have been advocating on Dharmic Nithya karmas.

Now I have been making thro all these and even historically found according to my little knowledge make a force.Basically all the real Swamijis of repute , never tell these people of non-performers ,from visiting them; they never say its enough or enough is enough and block the visitors from using their names for marriages etc and presentation on that day alone with all ritual-formalities.May be Mutt need money and even Brahman-sanyasi cannot avoid blatantly. SO COMMUNITY ACTS LIKE ACHILD AS IF GOOD BEHAVIOUR FOR THE OCCASION .

                          Still expanding this, take our dec kutcheri now going on; most of them male or female ,dress well and take the stage; they enlighten the crowd with vedic dharmas and have amake up of ritualistic sampradayas. How ever, go to their home and ask for the Kutcheri for your function, they are normally dressed, other than you saw on the dias and strictly quote their stake. They sell their products and supress taxes which is not dharmic.Similarly all people are wearing masks. Even temple archakas in Majority and purohits invariably in large numbers who are in this groove ,are not able to do and behave in NITHYA KARMA style advocated.

The karmas assigned to people are negleced with the irrelevent interpretations. The bhakthi modes in Puranas and vedanfgas are dicated for yugas ,on the basis of the absolute enforcements as would there need be ,for that periods, where the TRI GUNAS STAND UPRIGHT LEVEL TO DECREASING LEVELS and there it is not said that as some one said here ,its enough ,because it is said so for yugas. Elsewhere , I have sent emails on AKSHADAI where the Bhagavat geetha quotes can be seen, where the lord says ,even if one cant do the absoute need , atleast the next-next, levels ,HE will cherish; it means not that, its enough or with the decreased level, one can become MUMUKSHU. Its lke class teacher telling tha centum is the best, however, scoring atleast 35% is for pass

                       So when I wrote some days back that "I am a brahmin by caste but not by varnasrama dharmam" some one said that then "so long I wa sthinking you are a brahmin community "innocently. Our Varnasrama Dharma was AN ACT OF THE UNIVERSE, where responsibility of the puuling the society, together , with approptiate tasks ,were given THE APPROPRIATE NAMES; however during the British days, 200 years back, when they wanted to rule as a country, found easily to recruit the BRAHMANIC PERSONS ,as right and fit choice of integrity and named the community as BRHMIN CASTE AND THE INDIANS AS HINDU AND VEDIC RELIGION OR SANATHANA DHARM AS HINDUISM ,which were never there before.Our people who cannot ride the two horses, fell a prey. Then politics created the caste system and the britishers wrote history of India as it is ,projecting the south as Base. That is why further politics could grind well for votes here but failed in north. VARNASRAMAM became CASTES.

                                  Now if you look at the concpt, never it was said that Brahmin is a caste at all. One who works for the welfare of the society witht he dharmic principles belongs to IBS (indian brahmin service) and so on. It mens if Nandanar can show the welfare of the society , heis also a IBS only. In that case, those who protect becomes shatriyas and those who do business Vysyas and those who hel all these sectors are sudras. This will be the classifications when the world change. In this process ,yes by caste and by Govt there is a community of 2% called Brahmins. They have a heritage and therefore within the concept of Nithya karmas, ONE HAS TO SHIRK THE BAD AND TAKE THE HERITAGE WHICH IS NOT ONLY ANCESTRAL BUT SCIENTIFIC TOO. If one can find time for boozing, then cut it out before the doctors say and recite in that time the Gayathri mantra. As TRI GUNAS IS WITHIN THE SAME PERSON( I CALL IT AS DNA FACTORS) and upholds the right gunas neede for the service and give a long lecures, so too, DO THE RIGHT MIX UP OF VARNASRAMA ,trying to stay within the Satva , Rajo gunas and raise ultimately to SATVA GUNA when one becomes Brahmin. One cannot afford to say that as for as possible or subject to available of the time etc. Its wrong. I used to say when pointing out the punctuality, " are you not there @ 4 AM, if your financier had asked you to come promptly? are u not there when your GF wants you to be at a spot? so many like this" How was it done but excuse oneself for turning up late to office? ITS OUR MIND.


                           Kindly remember beyond all these one is must and again it shall not be wrongly interpreted as some body does here.

"MAZHITHALUM NEETTALUM VENDAVAM YAKKAIKKU ULAGAM PAZHITHATHU OZHITHUVIDIN" And that is possible with the vignanana NITHYA KARMAS which would shape the conuc and the character and the life ultimately. Thank you Sirs K RAJARAM IRS






              Sri Narayanasamy may be right in his observations as for as the rituals- versions are concerned. However use of ASHADHAI is since JANAKAR periods as seen from puranas. Also, articles required reported in so many Poojas written in more than 15 major puranas have included the Mangala Akshadhai unequivocally. As seen from an incident narrated from vedangas with reference to how VEDAS were came to be differentiated,the Akshadhai was a pooja prasadam sent to King JANAKA daily by the great Rishi     .’” It is said that Rishi Vaisampayana taught Yajur Veda to Yagnavalkya and other disciples. Yagnavalkya was one of the very illustrious and bright students. It was a regular rite for the Rishi Vaisampayana to perform Vedic ritual for the welfare of the country and for the King (I think the Janaka Maharaja) and after the ritual the mangala akshdhai (Holy auspicious rice added with turmeric) will be sent to the King’s palace as prasadam and aseerwadham.

                  Apart from these Bhagavat Gita in the following slokas describe (1) how from maximum to minimum Bhakthi can be made relished by HIM, finally, descends down to “PATRAM, PUSHPAM, PALAM, THOYAM”. (2) Most Important is devotion. The order shows step by step, enlightening Arjuna, what is the least at least with “GOODNESS-SAT”.

BG 9.27: Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer or give away, and whatever austerities you perform — do that, O son of Kuntī, as an offering to Me.

BG 12.10: If you cannot practice the regulations of bhakti-yoga, then just try to work for Me, because by working for Me you will come to the perfect stage.

BG 12.12: If you cannot take to this practice, then engage yourself in the cultivation of knowledge. Better than knowledge, however, is meditation, and better than meditation is renunciation of the fruits of action, for by such renunciation one can attain peace of mind.

BG 12.13-14: One who is not envious but is a kind friend to all living entities, who does not think himself a proprietor and is free from false ego, who is equal in both happiness and distress, who is tolerant, always satisfied, self-controlled, and engaged in devotional service with determination, his mind and intelligence fixed on Me — such a devotee of Mine is very dear to Me.

BG 14.5: Material nature consists of three modes — goodness, passion and ignorance. When the eternal living entity comes in contact with nature, O mighty-armed Arjuna, he becomes conditioned by these modes.

BG 15.19: Whoever knows Me as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, without doubting, is the knower of everything. He therefore engages himself in full devotional service to Me, O son of Bharata.

BG 16.21: There are three gates leading to this hell — lust, anger and greed. Every sane man should give these up, for they lead to the degradation of the soul

BG 17.1: Arjuna inquired: O Kṛṣṇa, what is the situation of those who do not follow the principles of scripture but worship according to their own imagination? Are they in goodness, in passion or in ignorance?

BG 17.11: Of sacrifices, the sacrifice performed according to the directions of scripture, as a matter of duty, by those who desire no reward, is of the nature of goodness.

BG 17.26-27: The Absolute Truth is the objective of devotional sacrifice, and it is indicated by the word sat. The performer of such sacrifice is also called sat, as are all works of sacrifice, penance and charity which, true to the absolute nature, are performed to please the Supreme Person, O son of Pṛthā.

BG 18.14: The place of action [the body], the performer, the various senses, the many different kinds of endeavor, and ultimately the Supersoul — these are the five factors of action

BG 18.18: Knowledge, the object of knowledge, and the knower are the three factors that motivate action; the senses, the work and the doer are the three constituents of action.

BG 18.48: Every endeavor is covered by some fault, just as fire is covered by smoke. Therefore one should not give up the work born of his nature, O son of Kuntī, even if such work is full of fault.

BG 18.56: Though engaged in all kinds of activities, My pure devotee, under My protection, reaches the eternal and imperishable abode by My grace.

BG 18.66: Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.

BG 9.26: If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.

BG 9.27: Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer or give away, and whatever austerities you perform — do that, O son of Kuntī, as an offering to Me.

Friday, December 21, 2012

How to create and support more Veda Scholars? PART 2

How to create and support more Veda Scholars? II

Sri Rama Jayam
S.C IYER  Dt/-21 12 2012
Dear Sir,
Re: Your letter appearing in Iyer 123 Group
Dt/- 20 12 2012 on How to create&
Support Vedas-study& Teaching.
I happened to read your letter that appears in Iyer 123 Group Mail above, frankly giving your opinion there in.
At the outset, I wish to make it plain that money collection through donations is NOT the object of the appeal made. We, born as Iyers, have a duty to perform- that is the study of the Veda and to teach it to others who are similarly born as Iyers. This is the advice given by ADI SANKARA himself. (since you are a well learned person, occupying a high position in society, you can access His works and satisfy yourself on it.). To day, most of us are not doing it , for various reasons. I am not elaborating them here. A very small number among us, however, are found to day, learning Vedas. They are not equipped otherwise, like us all to choose professions, that give them a lot of money and comforts, we all enjoy, and so, they have been compelled to follow this calling to make an honourable living, by the prevailing economic conditions. You find them as Vadyars/Purohits etc.
There are others, much less in number, who study the Veda fully, and a fewer still, with meanings. These few do not accept professional occupations, like the category described above, but do accept for teaching to willing boys in their homes, in the traditional way. You will not find in their homes, cars or other comforts, generally found elsewhere. At best, there will be a cow, for feeding them with milk and ghee required for their anushtanas. This group, once patronized by kings, then by Zamindars, and later by a few Chettiar families, is gradually vanishing for lack of patronage. (There is a young (33yrs old) Dikshita living in Sri Rangam and this young man has been performing yagnyas for the welfare of humanity, these the last 9 years, with meager help rendered by locals. He and his wife live there, bereft of comforts enjoyed by all of us, in towns and cities.)
The Kanchi Mutt is helping a few of them, within its available means. With the advent of the HR&CE Board, the daily Veda Parayana in temples, which form part of the daily rituals, for which the kings of yore had allotted villages ( as found in stone edicts even to day), has been completely stopped in the last few decades. These Veda Pandits were working in the temples as Adhyayana Bhattars, and being paid by them. They are no more to be found these days in any of our temples. And there is no sign of the HR&CE Board having any plans to revive this Veda Parayana practice in the temples.
{In the North, in States like, Odisha, NE, Bengal, Bihar, U.P. and in Rajasthan, you can find Ved Pandits going from door to door, offering their domestic Pooja Prasad daily and taking some money in return, given by the house holder (of course, this is something short of begging). This is the reality to day of the so-called forward community of Brahmins in those regions. They have forgotten Vedas long ago, thanks to Muslim rule for 190 years followed by about 180 years’ rule by the British and then by our ‘secular’ government. The ‘social oppression’ by the Brahmins is still being talked about, with wide publicity, by our political class and the‘objective’ media. They have a cast iron constitutional frame work to assist them.}
Such of those as have been blessed by the Almighty, and our forefathers, for a well-equipped, comfortable living in these modern times, have to think for a moment about our roots and our heritage, dating back to the Rishis of yore, try to live in a manner as they would expect of us and accept. But to deny totally, our own roots and identity and still claiming to be Brahmins doesn’t appear appropriate, either to themselves or to their fore fathers.
It is true, it is not possible to day to live the life of Agraharam. But one should honestly followthe elementary precepts at least as described in our scriptures. There are many books like Ramayanam, Mahabharatam, Thevaram, Divya Prabandham etc., that give us the do’s and don’ts. They are all easily accessible.
One child in each family can be given the facility of. Veda adhyayanam. To day, there are Vidya sthanams that cater to basic vedic study coupled with formal secular education to CBSE standard up to XII std level. If a boy wishes to study further in colleges, he can opt for it. Or, if he wants to study Vedas and Vedangas (Siksha, Vyakaranam, Chchandas, Jyotisham, Niruktam or Kalpam- these are different branches of Veda-based study) further, he can do so. There are many more branches like Nyaya, Tarka Vedanta etc. The Vedic sea is vast and wide.
As Addison wrote, there is a lot for us “ to Strive, to Seek, to find and not to yield.”
Mr. Rajaram writes about kali yuga traits, particularly, avarice. Yes, sir, it is present every where, in every calling & profession, among the rich and among the poor, and in every society, in East and in West. These will be here and will not vanish, in my humble view, by any amount of reforms.
Fortunately, there are Acharyas still among us to day, but no sishyas. Thanks to the timely effort initiated by the Kanchi Mahasvami Pujya Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati in 1960, and subsequently by His sishyas who adorn that Peetham to day, there are a handful of Yagnya Dikshitas, a few Agnihotris, quite a few Ghanapatis& Sa-Lakshana Vidwans ( those who have learnt the meaning of the Veda phrases) and many Veda pandits. But, as things stand to day, whether there will be similar strength in Veda adhyayees, in a generation from now, is a big question. That depends on all of us Iyers (and other Brahmins), in this generation
My appeal to Mr. Rajaram (and I am not saying this to convince him or any other) “let try our wee-bit to preserve our own identity, by protecting the tender sprout of the Vedas, which in the verge of extinction, in this generation of ours.
And I pray to God that He give us all the good sense and strength for it.
With kind regards,
S.C Iyer
21 Dec 2012


              Namaskaram sir. I have no two opinions about your view. Anything done in genuine has to be encouraged and as for the genuinity pl let me know in broad details and let us see how can we render our help.

              I have been discussing only about the VYSYAS IN BRAHMIN COMMUNITY (traders) AND I am fed up. One of the sishya of the great sastrigal was answering me wrt this type of decay, “Mama, nangalum manusha thane; engalukkum kudumbam irukko illiyo; enga kuzhandaigalum mele padikka vendama. ungalai madiri aga vendama; karthavum appadithane irukka; enga pozhaippukku nanga seyyarom; sila samayam partha odungidalama enru thonradu'----MY REPLY WAS SIMPLE. IF YOU CANNOT TAKE THE RULES OF THE SRUTHIS AND SMRITHIS, PL QUIT AND BECOME AN OFFICE CLERK OR HOLS A BUSINESS. I am talking about them only.

             I can understand your anxiety. These were spoken by MAHA PERIAVA in 1957 itself. To be frank with you, by the grace of HIM, I have remained on this side of DHARMA to some extent and right from my school days Learnt few things; did a study of grazing of all sruthi and smrithis and puranas and had under stood the significance of our sanathana dharma; I am a dharmist; Brahmin smartha by caste, branded by the British and our Govt(not according to sruthi);I am not ashamed to admit that I am not a Brahmin as advocated by our Acharyas and Vedas, strict to the yard stick; I learn the concept of samskaars and do it with the sincerely of purpose; I am asanskrit student who can decipher the scriptures; i do expect my vadyars to be perfect because THEY ARE BRAHMINS AS WELL AS BRAHMANS; I do find lot of sanyasis preaching outwardly and making money and exploiting the gullibles, which is not the intentions of our sanathana dharma; many bore the title of our guru also; we have no religion like others and what we have is a way of life ; so many are exploiting without grace; and I want people to stay away from such; this is my indignity and no harmful intentions.

                    In India Vedas shall be taught right from standard 3 till +2 to strengthen the minds but unfortunately Sanskrit which is going to be used in software shortly as world codes is being despised; the caste system was created by the British and being followed by the politics where the excuse was 2% of the community ruled and suppressed over them which is next to impossibility. HOW 2% CAN RULE AND SUPRESS 98% IF IT IS NOT A SOCIETY CULTURE WITH SELF -BEHAVIOUR? VARNASRAMA WAS / IS BEING INTERPRETED FOR THE VESTED INTEREST. HERE MY QUOTE OF KALIYUGA FITS IN. ALL BRAHMINS WILL BE SERVING THE THE OTHER VARNAS AND THE VEDIC STUDY WILL FAIL.

                I have no bickering. I am interested to do whatever is feasible on genuine grounds. I am sure that RELIGION SHALL BE A TOOL FOR ERNING AND LIVING OTHER THAN THE NEEDS MINIMUM,RIGHT FROM SANYASI DOWN TEACHER. Bless me sir and Thank you with utmost respects
K Rajaram IRS